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Affiliate Black Book Partner Details

First off, I appreciate your interest. Thank you for spending your time here.

I'll explain compensation, the product and how to sign-up.

Affiliate Tracking

I was tempted to run this through Clickbank but you and I both know you'd get credit for about half the sales you've earned.

Instead we're using 1ShoppingCart.

Commission Payments

The issue with 1SC is that accounting for sales, covering refunds, etc, is more of a trick - especially with a membership component. So if you can't be patient with payments then this isn't a good marriage.

Payments should occur 45-60 days after the sale. If that sounds like a long time - sorry. If you prefer to promote something else that pays faster I understand. I'm an affiliate advocate so I hope you get my appreciation for your part in the success of this product. In the past I've had people wanting to be paid 2 weeks after they promote and that's just not going to happen - please know that now.

Also, prior to any commission payments I need to have a signed W-9 for US based individuals and companies. You can take care of that now if you want, or later.

The form can be printed and filled at:

Please mail to:

Factor X Marketing Inc
44 Stutz Bearcat Drive
Sedona, AZ 86336

The minimum commission payout is $100. All affiliates with commissions not reaching $100 will be paid after the refund period for the product expires.

Commission Rates

The commission on sales of the Affiliate Black Book is $73.50 (50%) for the first tier and $14.70 (10%) on the second tier. Yes, this is a 2-tier program so if you want to play the part of JV broker, go for it.

The commission on the Apostle upgrade is about 40%, or $18 per month on the first-tier and $4.50 per month on the second-tier - this is recurring.

So if someone buys the Affiliate Black Book and sticks around for 3 months then you have an earning potential of $127.50 per buyer. Keep in mind the Adwords Black Book converted at 4.38% on all traffic, priced at $197. I don't know how this will compare, but . . .

The price will go up on the Affiliate Black Book will increase after 500 buyers to $197 and possibly again after 1000 buyers. The commission rate will remain at 50% on the price increase.

NOTE: It is required that someone buy the Affiliate Black Book in order to join the membership site. This has been done intentionally to lock out people who get the eBook illegally and essentially force them to buy if they want the full deal (which will also include all bonuses).

There is also an upsell offer (subtle) for the remaining Black Book DVDs sets I have. That's also a 50% commission on $297.

Promotional Conditions

Any affiliate engaged in the following will be terminated from the Factor X Marketing affiliate program and all commissions will be forfeited at the discretion of Factor X Marketing Inc.

- Unsolicited commercial email (Spam) to any list that you can't show verified optin from the subscriber.

- Running pay per click ads that include the words "scam", "sham", "fraud", "sucks", etc, in the ads as related to any Factor X Marketing product or character. I don't run those kinds of ads or condone them. If you reflect negatively on Factor X Marketing Inc or any of our products we don't want you as an affiliate. Feel free to run ads on ANY keyword phrase you want, however.

- Dropping cookies on any page that is not explicitly about the Affiliate Black Book and only the Affiliate Black Book.

- Dropping cookies within an email message with intention of cookie-ing everyone who opens the message regardless of interest or action.

I have no issue with "cookie stuffing" if you're making a committed and honest effort to promote the product and make a sale in an active manner. Simply dropping a cookie on anyone who happens onto your path isn't cool. That's not what I teach; it's not what I do (well, except when a bitch slap is needed). Don't try it - it's easy for me to detect and I know the secrets. Come on - I'm X.

Promotional Materials

I hate receiving canned pitches and I know you do too. If you can't get excited enough to write up your own pitch, you probably shouldn't promote this product.

Need Help?

In Conclusion

I know the tone of this page might be a little heavy, but you should meet some of the people I meet then you'll know why.

Essentially, I want to scare off the crapballs and only work with the good guys and gals who are really behind this product and serious about making some money.

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About the Affiliate Black Book Product

You can get most everything you need to know about the Affiliate Black Book by reading the salesletter.

Essentially the product consists of an eBook that outlines my sales process as an affiliate using Adwords (primarily) to drive traffic. The eBook also contains links to the membership portion of the product where customers can gain more in-depth "how to" information and have their questions answered. The bulk of the information is shared on the membership site, with the eBook providing a usable structure that isn't as easily communicated on a web site.

I am also including Blog Popper, better than software selling for $197 and more and PPC Scare Tactics, currently SELLING for $67.00. I really think this is a KILLER offer.

When you consider how many products in the last three years have skanked on the Adwords Black Book you've got to know this is going to kick some ass. Many of the components here - at least 5 of them - could and should be broken into their own product and sold for $67.

About the Apostle Membership Upgrade

The upgrade is a place where I'll share new information as it's created and becomes available. It could include audios, videos, new information, webinars, blueprints, etc. It will not include any incomplete information from the base product, The Affiliate Black Book - ie, I won't say here's how to do steps A, B, and C but if you REALLY want to know my super secret for C then you have to pay me more money. That's not the intention.

In other words, this isn't a holdback - it's an addition.

If you'd like a sneak peak at the sale letter, visit here.

If you'd like a sneak peak at the member site, visit here.

Please don't share the links.


Drop me a note: sales (at)