Winning at affiliate marketing is the result of the right mindset, the right strategy and the right tactics executed in harmony.

The Affiliate Black Book is an explosive compilation of material guaranteed to give you an advantage against all comers.  The Affiliate Black Book is for the serious affiliate, or the affiliate ready to get serious.

This is for you if you’re already producing results and you want to take it higher – or you need to protect your turf from a pack of rabid dogs out for your blood.  I have spent the last 17 years dedicated, full-time, to discovering, dissecting, employing, engineering and reverse-engineering marketing systems that simply overpower not-just affiliates but also market leaders.

Section One

WARNING:  Over 40 pages are dedicated to mindset.  This isn't airy-fairy feel-good fluff.  It's how you need to think about what you're doing before you do it.  It is as important as any strategy or tactic you will learn.

You will learn the key mindset shifts and tweaks necessary to leave behind the 95% of affiliates that make nothing, and join the ones who are smashing it.

Section Two

Systems, Processes and Strategies.  After you understand where a successful affiliate thinks from, then it's time to start sketching in the big picture.

Right now, you can begin to learn from the best - the marketing masters - and you will discover how to utilize that mastery to your advantage.  This section will show you how to match the right traffic to the right offers.  What this means is even if you have very little money to begin with, you will begin to experience low-risk, high ROI.

In most situations the smartest person in the room is going to win.  This is how you play the game like the smartest person in the room - by using superior strategy.

Section Three

Strategy is a plan for achieving a goal.  In section three we move on to specific tactics that work within our strategy structures.  You will discover ways to find the best products to promote, how to double conversion rates, how to deal with competition, how to write killer copy, and much, much more.

Section three consists of many of the most dangerous and controversial methods you have ever been exposed to.  It's important for you know that we walk the edge of the wild-side.  We push the boundaries of what is legal and ethical (while staying within those bounds).  There is no "black hat" here - what you will find instead are ruthless, cutthroat tactics executed with the intention of winning.  We play to win. 

“In my opinion 'Mr. X' is a genius. His marketing information is really, really good and very useful.”

– Klaus Dahl

Without commissions who does this?  Of course it’s about making money.  However when you make the mindset shift away from a commission focus towards a list building (or retargeting) focus, then you’ll see your affiliate profits explode.  

From the perspective of a super-affiliate, the point of affiliate marketing is to use other people’s products as a way of generating traffic for the purpose of getting paid to build list.

No greater lie has been spread than this one.  What Google hates is a certain approach to marketing on the Internet that has been taught, re-taught and bastardized for a decade.  In fact, there is abundant opportunity for affiliates who learn to play to Google’s rules.

Anyone who says "F- Google" is one of three things: not clever enough to figure it out, trying to sell you something, or not interested in the highest quality traffic available

While everyone else is freaking out you can take advantage of Google’s stringent criteria.  There are thousands of great products on the market that are easy to rank for but Google hates the "Internet marketing crowd" approach to selling them.

Science is fill-in-the-blanks replicable.  Science means that every time you follow a certain process you achieve a predictable result.  And that’s the idea behind any push-button software.  

But the truth is that marketing requires equal parts art and science.  You will have no long term success without developing sales and marketing skills.  In fact, here's some wise advice: until you've reached six-figures in sales, or more, 80% of your time should be spent on nothing but selling and marketing.  These are THE critical skills.  Affiliate marketing allows you to focus your time in this way without the demands of product creation, customer support and countless other requirements that fall outside sales and marketing.

These skills are heavily emphasized in the Affiliate Black Book, and information has been carefully distilled from the greatest marketing minds of all-time so that you can apply them as an affiliate.

You do not need to make daily posts and constant updates.  What you do need is to create the right types of content that provide a high level of value to readers.  A 5-page site with KILLER information is far more valuable to you than a 500-page site full of fluff and generic information.  

What people value is quality, not quantity.  And Google, or whomever you're trying to please, values what the people value.

My entire system is built on the idea of systems and automation.  You do the work once and you get paid over and over and over, month after month, year after year.

More important that “current” and “frequent” is quality.  Do the job once, do it right, and you will rule them all.

We’re talking about a $14 billion industry (affiliate marketing) that’s growing.  Somebody is making that money.  

Now, if you’re following these B.S. approaches that attempt to convince you that you can enter a few keywords in a software program, push a button and bingo! 'You’ve got a site' . . . or you can pay someone $5 for crap-ass articles and post a few banner ads then, no you will never see significant money.

This is a business that requires work, professionalism and rewards excellence.  But you can enjoy one awesome living with all the freedom you could ever want when you execute.  

But you’ve got to do the work, Don.

Affiliate marketing has changed.  Affiliate marketing has left a lot of the old-schoolers behind.  But year after year affiliate marketing is showing robust growth.

The lazy, low-brow methods don’t work anymore.  Affiliate market isn't done; not even close.  Old-school approaches are done and so are the people married to them.  And that’s great news because this new game is a game you can beat those clowns at.

First, please learn the difference between a niche and a market.  I’m not trying to be a pompous ass.  This will actually profit you.  

A market is a place buyers and sellers meet to do business.  You go to a ‘farmer’s market’ and you expect to see certain people there to buy certain things.  The same is true of Wal-mart or a mall.  

Within these markets are subsets of people with specific needs and desires.  Women at the market buying artisan bread is a niche.  Not all people at the market are women, and not all are buying artisan bread.  You’re not going to sell many private jet excursions in Wal-mart but you could sell a crap-ton of discount auto insurance.

I digress . . . you choose a market, and then you identify a niche you can sell to in that market.  You should only attempt to sell what you know, what you have expertise in and what you believe in.  You may be a freak, but there are other freaks in the world just like you.  You don’t have to join the mainstream, if that’s not you, to make a great living

You need skills in life, period.  Forget what you can earn this month, or next.  How about five years from now?  You want to invest your time, money and effort into developing skills that are useful now - and that will be useful indefinitely into the future.

The Affiliate Black Book will provide you with a basic level of skills that you can take to any business venture, online or off, and use to your success.  

You see, I’m not an “affiliate marketer” . . . I’m a marketer that’s using affiliate marketing as a business model to feed my other business interests.  Affiliate marketing is a way of developing your skills with minimal risk and a high likelihood of profit.

Of course, there is NO promise any specific financial gains. I’m not.  I don’t.  But what I am promising is that you will, with work, be a formidable marketer with a winning mindset and a box full of tools you can employ to your benefit - anywhere.


"Let's take an example of SEO and affiliate marketing. There are thousands of weight loss diet pills being launched every month. Many of them are being heavily advertised on TV and other medias to get traction and awareness.

I used to SEO the name of the diet pill on my site (after taking the permission, of course) and get heavy traffic and sales.

I had one website making around $200 a month . . . A site making $200 a month can easily be sold for $2,000. Damn, you are making online properties which you can resell later for 10x the monthly revenue easily on"**

- Shoaib Ahmed

** There is no guarantee, expressed nor implied, that your affiliate sites will produce income or that you will be able to sell your website for any specific amount.  Full Disclaimer

Here's a Sneak Peak of What's Waiting for You on the Inside


Don't Get Busted

The simple idea I swiped from a millionaire after he got busted by the feds and how you can profit from it, without making the same foolish mistakes he made.


Get Paid

How to get paid to build highly targeted lists of subscribers – and then get paid again and again because most people buy more than one thing in their life.


Profit From Woe & Misery

The proven strategy I use to gather people’s tales of woe and misery so you can sell them something to end their woe and misery.


The 4 Quadrants

The Four Quadrants of Traffic:  A system devised to choose the best traffic sources and how to pitch them. You see, different sources of traffic have different mindsets and if you get this wrong, you’ll lose every time.


Pick Winners, Consistently

How to pick almost guaranteed winners. Imagine if you could consistently pick winning horses at the track. When you know how to match picks to these six criteria you’re nearly a lock to profit right out of the gate.


Ghost Lists

The way to turn unsubscribers into a new list and an ongoing income stream (this is a little creepy, until you start getting pay checks and then you’ll be OK with it).


The 3 Models

You’ll learn the three part conversion model and how to build a conversion funnel on your affiliate site.  These pages are designed to reach a wider audience and transform them into buyers.


Messages People Love to Read

Discover the three most effective email marketing approaches.  Write messages people love to read . . . and cannot resist buying from.


Controversial & Dangerous

You’ll learn all about how I’ve taken a highly controversial tactic called “cookie stuffing” and made it a win-win-win for everyone – plus you’ll likely see your commissions double – from the same traffic!


Free Stuff

How to get free stuff every time you pay your bills.  And how to make your purchases tax deductible.


Swipe and Profit

How to legally swipe other people’s content and products to add value and close sales.

Hey John, saw you liked my ad for my Google Display Network course.

Kinda full circle for me since you are the guy I first learned Google ads from.

Usually in my story Russell Brunson gets the credit for my success over the years. It was your course that I watched during his internship that helped me go from $60 in Adwords to 6-figures. Well your course and Russell's tips.

. . .

Would love to tell the real story of how it was your course during Russell's internship that started my whole paid traffic journey.

I've gone from a pathetic $2/day to now having spent tens of millions.

Thanks by the way

- Justin Brooke

The Value Is Piled High


Brace yourself.  Most buyers experience a "Holy Crap" moment when they realize how much value they've acquired the first time they log in.  There's way more here than a book.  And the price of "the book" is fully justified on it's own merits.  If you can't recoup the investment through execution . . . you may not be ready, or you may not have what it takes.

But when I start thinking about what I'm offering here - and I'm serious - the current $297 price tag seems ridiculously low.  In fact, it seems low enough I'm concerned you may question the real value of what's in side and that's why I will soon be increasing the price to $997, and only offering this as part of a bigger package.

Soda Popper

This simple but powerful Wordpress plugin is my "secret sauce".  It allows you to take complete control over your links and traffic.  I use this tool everywhere, from paid advertising to embedded links in ebooks, to webinar promotion and more.  In short, it ensures more of the sales I generate are accurately tracked while also giving me great flexibility in how I sell other people's products.

Affiliate Black Book v3.14

It's the foundation, your reference guide.  It's packed full of killer ideas with the intent of delivering what you need to create a competitive advantage.

Video Training Sessions

There are over 9 hours of video training sessions that cover the full range of "how to" - from product selection, to traffic, to the three landing page models I use.  There's a ton of information packed into these sessions and if I put them on DVD I'd sell them for $400 on their own.

Value: $47

Value: $197

Value: $200

Q&A Sessions and Recordings

Monthly Q&A Sessions

You're invited to join us on Monthly Q&A sessions.  I'll answer any reasonable question you have on the subject of affiliate marketing, copy, traffic, conversion, email marketing, dealing with competition, finding offers . . . you name it!

Checklists and Worksheets

We have a huge collection of checklists and worksheets to help you along.  They include topics such as: copy writing, traffic, conversion, SEO, and more.

Affiliate Black Book 2.0

This is a limited time bonus.  This includes everything from the previous version of the Affiliate Black Book - a completely unique product that details the step-by-step process in more detail.  The latest version of the ABB is a true collection of best practices and killer tactics whereas ABB 2.0 was a step-by-step blueprint.  So you gain the best of both here.

Value: $403

Value: $247

Value: $197

Total Value: $1291

"This is a radical book and won't be for everyone. While some of the techniques are things I wouldn't personally use I did get two fantastic ideas from the book I will be using heavily from now on. It definitely made a few ideas I had been pondering "come together" so to speak.

Disclaimer: If you are easily offended or freak out on radical ideas DON'T BUY THIS BOOK!"

Allen Says, Legendary Founder, The Warrior Forum

What Are You Waiting For?

This Is Your Life and It’s Ending One Second at a Time

The Affiliate Black Book + Membership

Currently Closed to New Members
  • Nine Plus Hours of Training Videos
  • Over 200 Pages of Training Materials
  • 5 Training Modules +Supplemental Training Materials
  • Ability to Ask Questions
  • Soda Popper “Link Weaponizer” Plugin
  • Bonus software, reports, tools
  • Monthly Training
  • Advanced Members-Only Vaults
  • Monthly Bonus
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee



I know you work hard for you money. I’ve worked hard on this product to give you the best chance at success with it. I want you to know this a chance worth taking – a chance with big upside and no risk to you. If this product does not live up to your expectations. . . . all you have to do is let us know within 30-days of your purchase and your money will be refunded, promptly!

LEGAL: It is unreasonable to assume you will experience the same explosive growth as many of my customers because every situation is unique.  Then again, it can and does happen when you apply the right combination of knowledge, strategy, commitment and focus.  

Wouldn’t you be risking more by failing to join me?

Affiliate Black Book 3.0

"No hype, no “gimmicks” just pure actionable information for succeeding as an affiliate. Some say affiliate marketing is “dead”. John clearly demonstrates how nothing could be further from the truth for those who approach affiliate marketing as a real business and not some “hobby” or “gimmick of the week” venture. The coolest part is that the “updated” program contains so much foundational info from the original. This means that what John originally presented has the sort of longevity rarely seen in internet marketing circles. Most programs give too little real “meat”, and many share info that “used to work” or will only work for a short time before the window of opportunity closes. While John’s new “tweaks” are essential for optimum success, his original principles have not changed fundamentally."

Ralph Napolitano
V.P., Special Projects
Business Breakthroughs International (Chet Holmes)

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