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  1. Karin Altankov

    I am interested in becoming a successful affiliate marketer. I would like to get this book but I cannot afford it right now but will be able to in, I believe, a couple of weeks. I hope it will still be around.


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      We’d love to have you with us Karin.

      All the best to you – John

  2. Peter Rose

    To tell you the truth, I do not have my own website, although I have been a domainer for a few years now so I have been in and out of the internet. Will this course be too advanced for a beginner as I have never built an actual site but do know how everything works?

    I read everything related to affiliate marketing such as CPA/Amazon/Facebook/been on ebay since it started in 2000 in UK etc I need to get my hands dirty at some point I guess. Trouble is I don’t trust 95% of marketers becasue you don’t get the full picture and I have been burnt a few times.

    I love your style of writing (reminds me of Gary Halbert…..God rest his soul!)

    Thanks and best regards

    Peter Rose

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      Peter –

      Gary Halbert! That’s a high compliment, thank you.

      The challenge with answering your question is that “newbie level” products are rarely “big picture” products. I have the educational philosophy that even though I may give you crayons, you don’t want to look at the work of other crayola artists but instead that of the greats.

      I should hope you will gain enough direction from my product to get a site up (the right way) and get started, but also have the insight that is lacking in most products on the market which grossly oversimplify what needs to be done to be successful at this business.

      I see you’ve already taken the leap – please know that I’m here to help and if you feel stuck, just let me know. We also do a monthly Q&A session so any questions or hurdles that come up can/will be addressed if you just let me know what they are.

      All the best to you – John


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