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You’ve made your first solid choice on the path to online marketing success – you’re here.  You will learn and you have the opportunity to gain new insight.

Yesterday my nine-year old daughter said something we all realize sooner or later –

She said, “Daddy, I learn a lot more riding my horse than I do from reading books or watching videos. “

Like anyone obsessed with a subject she’s spent countless hours over years reading everything she can about horses.  She has impressive book knowledge.

She’s watched every age appropriate video there is with anything at all to do with horses and she’s played most of the video games on the market.

But it doesn’t touch the hands-on experience of taking care of and learning to ride a real horse.

The majority of the tactics and strategies I’ve developed over the years have come from making mistakes – from getting on the horse and getting thrown off – nearly all of them have come as needed inspiration when facing a huge challenge.

Some of those inspirations have come from friends and mentors, but it isn’t until you put it into play that your really begin to understand.

If you don’t challenge yourself, you won’t learn anything of value – you won’t grow and you will not gain the insight needed to go from watching and dreaming to riding.

The intention of this training is to point you in the right direction – to help you make sense of the clutter – to be able to discern the difference between shit and shinola.

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