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DISCLAIMER:  This is a tool intended for my own personal use.  That means two things – 1. I don’t have the right to share it, but I am so you can try it out for yourself and 2. Your search results are put into a spreadsheet that will reside on my server meaning I *could* access your information.

Vanilla Ninja (album)

I recommend you try the tool and if you like it then invest in your own copy.

The name of this tool is Keyword Ninja.  It’s not a beautiful jaw-dropper but it does the primary thing that I want a keyword tool to do – to return all actual search phrases for the terms I’m working with.

For example, for the product name “holosync” the tool returns about 345 search phrase variations including that word.  This is GOLD for bidding on, or optimizing for, a broad range of search terms using exact matching.  We’ll explain more about this when we get to Adwords.

When you have your list you’ll find all kinds of phrases that you’ll want to target – and you’ll find a load of words to add to your negative keyword lists too so that you’re not paying to advertise to the wrong people.

Try the Keyword Ninja tool out and leave your questions below –

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