The average person would be flabbergasted at the amount of time and effort that John Reese, Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Ryan Deiss, Stephen Pierce, Russell Brunson or any of the other new moneymakers, invest on their way to the top. It’s the sole difference between them, and the guy who still “just can’t figure it out.

This might be true for some but it’s not true for all, which means it’s not true.

Because if it were true, then it would be true for everyone – and it’s not.

Russell might work hard – I’m sure he does, but he started as a college student and was probably making more than 95% of people on the Warrior Forum working only 2-3 hours per day.

Dr. Mike, another successful marketer started by working a few hours every day before his DAY JOB as a doctor.

If I was content to just let my affiliate business run on autopilot, then a 4-Hour Work Week and a 6-figure income is a done deal. It isn’t a possibility – it was DONE years ago.

The *hard work* came in figuring it out – doing it is not *that* hard, especially with the availability of so much inexpensive talent.

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The point of the 4-Hour Work Week isn’t “You can get rich doing nothing while sitting on your ass” – Timoteo Ferris says that’s not the case a number of times.

It’s working smarter, more effectively and efficiently. And it has nothing to do with fully-automated, get-rich-quick, push-button systems any fool can do.

If you aren’t making what you want to make it’s because you have a business model that will only allow you to reach a certain level – you need a new business model.

I’ll add to that – if you don’t have the lifestyle you want it’s because your business model sucks.  Your business model is screwing you.  Are you going to put up with that?!

I see people working their asses off to write hundreds of articles, to build *authority sites*, to make a few pennies here and there.



Content isn’t king – leverage is king.

  • If you have a list, you have leverage.
  • If you have the right information, you have leverage.
  • If you have even a little money and you spend it wisely, you have leverage.
  • If you have a good idea, you have leverage.
  • If you have friends, and they have ANY of the above, you have leverage.

And you don’t need a lever long enough to move the earth – money doesn’t weight nearly that much.

You need leverage – (and you probably have enough if you just see the assets around you and then focus on acquiring more assets to GIVE YOU leverage).

Screw content – I’m not here to give the world a free education in the hope one or two of them clicks on an ad that builds SOMEONE ELSE’S business. I’m here to sell my ideas to people who are willing to pay for them because they make THEIR life better too.

With that business model – “the work your ass off for pennies model” – no the 4-Hour Work Week isn’t a possibility – but then again I don’t personally consider that to be marketing – it’s article writing and publishing.  It’s passively hoping to make money. Marketing is a verb in my book.

Yes, hard work is involved but if hard work was the KEY to the equation then why aren’t ditch diggers rich?

Because hard work is a fallacy; a fallacy perpetrated in large part by people who benefit from the hard work of others AND those who’ve bought into the fallacy.

Years ago it became clear to me that money and work (career) are related but two different animals.

I’m not so much ranting against hard work, because I think hard work is good for the soul.  But hard work for money?  What a waste of life and what matters most. I don’t care to hold anyone up on a pedestal who preaches that hard work for the almighty dollar is what you should be doing 12-16 hours per day.

That person is an empty shell of a human being, guaranteed.

Some people choose to hop on an airplane and parade around the world to this event and that while they have young kids growing up without them – is that who we’re looking up to? Is that what we consider to be “a good guy”.


That’s a self-centered, ego-maniacal juvenile who’s placed fame and fortune first.

OK . . .

Smart work is the point of this – and if you’re not smart then you’re only left with one alternative.

“Any complexity in life is the ego trying to undo the simplicity of reality.” – Lester Levenson said it.

This stuff isn’t hard. It does not require a 12-16 hour work day. Anyone who does that, who says that, who advocates that or sells you products that require it is not someone who deserves your respect and admiration.


It’s like a drug dealer peddling crack – and I hate to break the news, but you are the addict.

Don’t question this concept; instead question whether or not what is real is this: You don’t have no faith in your ability to live it.

Anything – ANYTHING – is possible.

Don’t cheat yourself.


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