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All the best to you – X


  1. Don O

    The information that you’re attempting to access is protected for members only.

    I am a member – and logged in.. what’s up?

  2. Rob Bucher

    Same here Don o.

  3. X

    Hi Guys –

    The reason (likely reason) you’re getting that message is that I have things setup on WP Drip. If you’re attempting to access something that hasn’t been dripped yet (via the site map, I’d guess) then you’ll get that message.

    All the best to you – X

  4. Don O

    Wp Drip is designed to providing content to members based on sign up dates – is that correct?

    Up until now now, none of this content is available from signed up date Aug.22nd

    • X

      Hi Guys –

      I need to clarify 2 things.

      1. The High Response Traffic #1 purchase promise has been delivered. Everything else is added value. So, I hope we don’t have an expectation that any of this was ever promised to you.

      2. I’m adding content to the Affiliate Power Strategy membership site (which should launch within the next month). That is something separate from the report offered on the Warrior Forum. You may see items appearing in the site map that will not ever be available to buyers of the report.

      To me value has nothing to do with “thud factor”. It has everything to do with “Will this technique make me enough money to justify the acquisition of the knowledge?” I think I more than delivered on that promise.

      I will offer, and continue to offer, content to all customers – and I will offer a special offer on upcoming launches to customers.

      But nobody should be confused, nor is any confusion intended, regarding what’s available here beyond the report.

      All the best to you – X

  5. Rob Bucher

    It’s cool X…thanks for the update.

  6. Dean

    Does the High Response Traffic Strategy still work? Looking at the date of that sales letter on the WF is says it was posted in 2011?

    • X

      Dean –

      Things change online, as you know. But after 16 years I’ve learned to go with approaches that are as timeless as possible. Yes, that strategy still works. Only caveat is that you need an asset, like a product of your own, to implement it.

      All the best to you –


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