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How to Find Products and Services That Can Make You Money

Most affiliate training programs are going to point you to JVZoo, Clickbank, Commission Junction, etc.  But there are gems out there, everywhere, that go undiscovered because they’re not in these marketplaces.  In this training session I give you 10 of my favorite, PROVEN approaches to discovering products and services that are in demand.

Fast Path to Cash

We cover how to create a bonus report fast.  You can use these as bonuses, opt-in incentives, or front-end products used to sell higher tickets on the back-end.  You’ll be amazed and impressed by how quickly you can put together a HIGH-VALUE piece of intellectual property.  We begin this session by covering the approach, and then spend time demonstrating exactly how to do it.


In this session we hit the highlights of how retargeting works, how you can use it as an affiliate, and radically improve conversion rates through smart segmentation based on the actions your prospects take (or not).

Survey Funnels

There are a variety of ways to “survey” your prospects to learn what they want and need.  This will help you help them.  It will also help you sell more – a lot more.  In this session we cover a variety of ways to gather highly valuable information about your prospects that will definitely give you a huge advantage over others selling in the same market.

The Six Minute Pitch

When was the last time you sat through a 42-minute sales letter or a two-hour webinar and enjoyed the experience?  I’ve been learning from persuasion expert Oren Klaff for a few years now and this session covers his 6-minute pitch.  I guarantee if you use this, you’ll love it – both for it’s clarity and simplicity, but also because it works!

List Building

You know the cliche’s, and . . . they’re true.  The most important part of your business building efforts are the lists you’re able to build and nurture.  Good lists really are the closest thing you’ll ever get to “cash on demand”.  In this webinar we talk about the process of putting together a list building mechanism and the critical answers you need to make it all fly.  If you’re not list-building, you’re losing out on the easiest money you can make in business – ANY business.

Curation for Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is all about leveraging the hard work done by others.  There are dozens of ways to capitalize on content others have created to do everything from create content for your own site to creating full-blown products.  This session is jam-packed full of ideas that will have you off the hook excited.

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Keyword Ninja

Info Seeker

You need quality information and this is the tool to help you find it fast.

Ecover Creator X

Use this tool to create pro looking report, ebook, DVDs, membership cards and more.


Use this tool to create slick graphics for Facebook posts, site graphics – even slide decks.

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10 Radical Ideas That Promise to Change Everything In Life & Business

Here are 10 guiding principles that can help you to, profoundly, improve your life and your business.  The closer you stick to them the more success you’ll experience.  And if you’re struggling use this as a checklist to pinpoint what can be improved.

The Blueprint Model

This is the ideal approach for people who are looking for “how to” information.  Using the Blueprint Model you can simultaneously establish authority, build trust, deliver value and sell people on a resource or tool that helps them accomplish their desire.

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