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Improving Productivity


This idea that clicked in my head is "What if I
worked on, to completion, each sheet of paper in
this pile.  If I don't want to do what's on the
sheet of paper it goes to the bottom of the pile
and it stays there – I can't touch it again until
everything before it is done."
Turns out that isn't quite the ultimate answer,
but close.
The ultimate answer is that I create a project
sheet for each project I'm working on.  I needed
something with a more complete description of
what needs to be done – not only ideas, but 

Overwhelm Results in Shutdown

I stopped creating these sheets when I filled 
in 15 of them.
That's right – I have *at least* 15 projects that
I've started, completed to some point, and then
abandoned for something else.
Abandonment is only a part of the problem – the
real problem are the emotional attachments and
These 15 projects don't include the regular training, tools,
PLR, books, etc, that I purchase.  It's out of 
control nutso.
What I need – and I suspect you do too – is one 
and only one project in front of me at a time.

By creating a project sheet I am able to:

  • Get it out of my head
  • Give it a form and substance
  • See how various ideas fit together
  • Give the idea a place in time
  • Relieve myself of that thought until I'm ready
    to take action on it.
The slate needs to start clean because a cluttered
slate is a cluttered state of mind.
If I have an idea, a desire to purchase, etc, it
has to go on a project sheet – it has to have a
place in time even if that time isn't on a 
schedule yet.

RULE: If It Isn't Written, It Isn't Done

When I come to a project sheet I don't do anything
that isn't written on that sheet.  This keeps me
out of wild online goose chasing time wasters.
I can add to the sheet – but I cannot do things 
that are not written down.
And, as I continue filling in these details the
documented systems I struggled to create, using
another half-dozen software systems, is right 
there on paper. 
Like I said this is pretty simple, even archaic, but 
simple is EXACTLY what's needed when complexity
grinds progress to a halt.
Give it a try and tell me how it goes for you.
All the best to you – X
PS – A few details about the Affiliate Black Book
Development Group opportunity you'll hear about
in the coming days.
This is a big project and involving a group can
help me get fully immersed in this task.
With the changes to Google Adwords many powerful
opportunities have emerged.  While "The World"
sees affiliates as the target of these changes 
it has affected many, many merchants too.
NOTE: Since merchants deal with only one or a few
sites they don't build up enough negative charge 
with Google to lose their accounts but they do get
slapped often meaning they can't buy traffic to 
their own site, even when their site is the most 
relevant location for the product.  This is a massive
opportunity for the affiliate that knows how to give
Google what they want to see.
Most people are not aware of this opportunity
that exists – the opportunity to promote a huge
array of products, with almost NO competition, 
if only you know how to create the kinds of sites
Google wants advertisers to use.
Trust me – although work is involved this isn't
difficult *IF* you can move outside the paradigm
of years and years of standard, and poor, IM practices.

Don't take my word for it –

Go to Google, right now, and type in a number of
product names.  Try 5-10 products by name and see
how many advertisers have placements.
In most cases you'll see 1-3.  In many places 
you'll see NONE.  And often, when you see more
than one they aren't relevant to THAT product.
Now, you will not get away with writing a crap
product review.  This is a problem if you're lazy
and you don't feel like working for the rewards
that are right before us.
But if you are willing to do some work – some
work that will pay you month after month for years
into the future, then your ears should be fully
tweaked for this.
Again, stay tuned –


  1. Chimica

    Hi. Thank you for this. It's perfect for a Gantt chart which is my favorite way to organize my projects. I like writing on paper then transfering to my gantt charts so this is wonderful. 15 isn't so bad. I have about 30 currently. 🙂 Thanks again.

  2. Boykie Mackay

    When it comes to productivity I've found something that works for me. I picked it up from one of Jason Fladliens products (can't remember which), but basically when you break up tasks you need to break them up so that they can be accomplished in one sitting.

    The idea is to focus on one task to completion in one sitting without distraction.

    The problem I've found is when you do a task halfway then take a break or plan to continue it later you find you never get round to completing it and the longer you stay away the more likely it is you'll never complete it.

    I found this especially true of books. I have found if I don't get through a book in one sitting (even a skim through to find whether it's relevant or not is good enough) probability is high that I'll never get round to finishing it. I have a copy of "Think And Grow Rich" which has been on my kindle for over a year now.

    I was gobsmacked that I hadn't finished it. All along I'd thought I'd read the book only to find that I'd read just the first few chapters! I'm making a concerted effort now to get through it by the end of the week (got halfway done when I took the kids to the playcenter today), will have the rest done by the end of the day tomorrow (have to make space to get through "Work The System" as recommended in the last webinar.

    In terms of ads on google, you've opened my eyes. I honestly thought Google simply was allowing any ads and that's why we didn't see any. I guess it's all the bad tuition we've been receiving. I'm on week 8 of Andre's TLB course and the first few weeks we were learning how to research markets part of which included checking for ads, so I actually eliminated a lot of markets based on the fact I did not see any ads!

    I'm looking forward to learn how you research your markets …

    • Boykie Mackay

      *wasn't* allowing ads.

      PS: How do we format and edit comments

      • X

        Hmm . . . not sure.  I’ve been playing with / having issues with the theme.  I’m surprised it won’t allow editing of comments.  I’ll see if I can switch that on.

    • X

      Thanks for the tips on productivity.  Lot’s more could be said on that topic.  I find that I need to plan my activities BEFORE I get in front of the computer because I can’t think in that way – I need to have what I’m doing spelled out, or it’s too easy to find a distraction when faced with a challenge.  And great advice (I like Jason’s stuff) on finishing to completion in one sitting.

      I also like Andre’s materials – we think in similar ways on a lot of stuff.  But, although ads can be VERY telling, the environment on Google is currently very unusual.  A better indicator is to look at what’s going on in their content network.  


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