I’m reading one of the best business books I’ve read in a while – I almost hate to reveal that to you so that I can take the credit instead.  But that’d be wrong, wouldn’t it.  🙂

What I’ll do is share some of the ideas I’ve received and tell you how I’m going to apply it to my business, including my affiliate marketing efforts.

First, it’s important to note the book is based on scientifically testing the marketing results of about 1500 products.  The results are both fascinating and humbling.

Humbling because, well, there are some things I’ve believed that I have to admit are probably wrong.

In the interest of making myself look good though, I’m going to stick with something I’ve always known but the confirmation is exciting.

From the perspective of an affiliate this is CRITICAL because if you get this then you will be able to pick products that are real winners, or that have winning potential, consistently.  You can pretty much forget everything else people are teaching.

goon meet (Photo of Billy Mays)

Have you ever watched the show Pitch Men?  The late Billy Mays held a number of key criteria for the products he chose to promote on TV – they had to price at either $20 or $60 (3 payments of $20), the product had to be everything it was advertised to be, and perhaps most important of all – the product had to offer some kind of WOW! factor he could demonstrate.

Think of the Sham Wow soaking up a bucket of water.  Or the hand held tool he used to cut a car in half with.

So . . . according to this book the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT MISSION in selling and marketing is to get the customer to experience a demo.  Billy was selling by demonstration when he soaked up that bucket of water, and cut that car in half.

Or how about those old Memorex commercials that had Ella Fitzgerald break a glass with her singing voice, which the cassette recording was able to replicate.

It could be easy to fail to see how remarkably WOW a product really is but think of the WOW factor of an autoresponder to someone who’s never heard of that amazing tool.

One of my favorite tools is our Vitamix blender which is so effectively WOW that it even makes raspberry seeds disappear from my smoothy – it does such an amazing job you’d have to experience that to believe it really *is* worth spending an extra $450 on their blender!

If you can put the item in the customers hands, that’s the best.  If you can do a show-and-tell demonstration that’s next best.  Or if you can provide a video demonstration of the product in use that’s great too.

In fact they’re all proven to be more effective sellers of a product than testimonials (aka, social proof).  And they blow away review pages like a bazooka.

Bottom line:  if you want to pick winning products to sell then pick something you can demonstrate, that customers can experience before they buy.  If you can let them try it for themself, that’s best.  Next best is a demonstration via a webinar or with pre-recorded video.

I have used the “Opt-in for free demo” approach for years – that’s a very effective way to build big lists.

You’re right – this information is so damned valuable that there should be something for sale here, but there isn’t.

The name of that book?  Jump Start Your Marketing Brain by Doug Hall.  It’s full of great ideas.  It has my highest recommendation and for about $12 on Amazon, how long do you need to think about it?

All the best to you – X

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