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One of the most powerful affiliate marketing methods that I’ve innovated is the “Replace the Merchant” approach.

Once upon a time I had a consulting gig with a guy who had a dozen products to sell and every one of them (according to him) was the most important product.  He insisted every one of those products be featured on his home page.

From experience I knew that pages that contained more than one product offer only served to confuse the site visitor.  When a prospect is confused the most likely action they’ll take is no action.  No action, no sale, no commission.

And so we had a philosophical battle that I was losing, because . . . well, it was his site and not mine.

Then it hit me . . . “What if I built my own site, exactly as I wanted to build his?!”  Wow!  That was an exciting idea and it completely transformed my fortunes and my future!  I could do anything I wanted and as long as my affiliate cookie was dropped then I would get paid.

That’s what I did.  I created my own site and sold the product, not like an affiliate would, but as-if it was my own product.

Within months my affiliate commissions exceeded my consulting checks AND I had total control (as well as a growing list that eventually exceeded 11,000 subscribers).  I quit as “consultant”, freed up all of my time (the system runs on autopilot) and eliminated one enormous headache from my life.

The #1 thing I hope you gain from my training is to learn to think like a marketer – not an affiliate marketer with the narrow-minded shortcut mentality EVERYONE else teaches.  But a real marketer equipped to take total control so that you SELL more products.  Forget that pre-sell nonsense.  Sell.  It.

But how?  How do you create that page, with a buy button . . . and link direct to the order page (bypassing the merchant site completely) AND, most importantly, ensure your affiliate cookie is placed?

It’s all explained here:  How to Direct Link to a Clickbank Order Page, as an affiliate.

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