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Who doesn’t like a good shortcut?

Right up next to software that promises to create a full-blown site for you with a couple keyword entries and the click of a button, “auto affiliate links” look like an easy solution to a lot of affiliates.

Just in case you’ve got no clue what an “auto affiliate link” is, it’s simply this . . .

It’s a script or plugin that identifies words on your site and then automagically turns the word into an affiliate link using parameters you define.

Still not clear?

OK – you have a blog on web hosting. Anyplace in your blog where the words “web hosting” appear can be setup to automatically link to an affiliate offer for web hosting. The better auto-link scripts can be set to only link the first appearance of the phrase in your content.

Sounds cool, right?

Now that you understand what the auto-linker does . . . do the damn things work?

In a word – no. In two words – hell no.

Here’s what does work – the idea that for a very little bit of effort you can turn nothing into something. I like that idea. Most people like that idea. It’s a promise that sells well but delivers nothing of real value.

A link to an offer related to the subject matter of an article does nothing in the way of selling. Very few people ever click those links and those who do haven’t exactly been warmed up to make a purchase. In fact, I’d bet all of the affiliate commissions I’ve ever earned from auto-links (which would be zero, and of course I’ve tried more than one with tens of thousands of impressions) that more clicks are accidental than intentional.

And let’s be honest. When and where an auto-linker would be used is likely on a site plastered with PLR content or content outsourced on the cheap.

My friend, it’s a losing formula.

Value that points people in an intentional direction is the way to go. Not sometimes – every time.

If you see the value of creating content that sells then you should check out the Amazing Article Profit Persuasion Formula.
Sure, it’s a little work but the approach is far more effective than any shortcut you’ll ever get suckered into.

Check it out here:

All the best to you – John

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