Build and write a landing page.

Module 1Let's Get Started!
Unit 1What Is A Landing Page?
Unit 2Why Are Landing Pages Important?
Unit 3Understand Focus
Unit 4What Kind Of Landing Page Is For You?
Module 2Creating A Squeeze Page
Unit 1When To Use A Squeeze Page
Unit 2Write Your Squeeze Page Copy
Unit 3Choose Your Squeeze Page Template
Unit 4Build Your Squeeze Page
Module 3Creating A Long Form Sales Letter
Unit 1When To Use A Long Form Sales Letter
Unit 2Call Out To Your Audience
Unit 3Write Your Headline
Unit 4Write A Sub-Headline
Unit 5Show The Ease And Speed of Results
Unit 6Write The Introduction
Unit 7Predict The Future
Unit 8Prove You Are The Expert
Unit 9Bullet Points
Unit 10Give Proof
Unit 11Make Your Offer
Unit 12Add Bonuses
Unit 13Reveal Price
Unit 14Add Scarcity
Unit 15Reverse Risk
Unit 16Add A P.S.
Unit 17Create A Call To Action
Unit 18Add FAQ?s
Unit 19Strengthen The Copy
Module 4Create A Video Sales Letter
Unit 1What Is A VSL?
Unit 2When To Use A VSL
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