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Guiding Principles for Your Business

I felt like the final third of the webinar for “Core Module 1: The Mindset” had some really important stuff related to building a foundation for your business.  It’s so important to be clear in our minds what we need to do in order to create a successful business!...
Free Plugins Reduces Page Load Time

Free Plugins Reduces Page Load Time

I’ve spent a full week re-designing and re-writing the copy for the Affiliate Black Book site. The good:  love the design and the copy is tight. The bad:  Dude, your site takes FOREVER to load on mobile. My buddy Jon Nastor checked it out on his mobile device...
Rule #1 : Know the Value of Your Time

Rule #1 : Know the Value of Your Time

“To increase your income, first you have to be honest with the current value you’re getting from your time. And then you have to trade low-value activity for higher-value activity.” This income problem most people experience can be easily addressed...

small-time think stop

FACT: The affiliate marketing how-to market is dominated by un-creative small-time thinking. And it’s killing you. If I had REAL magical powers here’s what I’d do (at least as far as teaching Internet marketing goes) . . . I’d clear...
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