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Missing Videos

UPDATE:  Videos are now posted.  If you happen to come across a video that says it’s no longer available please leave a comment on the page or let me know via the help desk. If any videos are missing, they’ll be back ASAP. Videos had been directly embedded...

How to Pick (and sell) a HOT Product

I’m reading one of the best business books I’ve read in a while – I almost hate to reveal that to you so that I can take the credit instead.  But that’d be wrong, wouldn’t it.  🙂 What I’ll do is share some of the ideas I’ve...
Know the Value of Your Time

Know the Value of Your Time

To increase your income, first you have to be honest with the current value you’re getting from your time. And then you have to trade low-value activity for higher-value activity. You can’t earn $100,000 per year doing $10 per hour work. To achieve your...

The 48 Laws of Power

I have a mean streak of perfectionism running through me – I feel the need to work harder at things others recognize as my genius. Does this sound familiar?  Do people tell you “Hey, you’re brilliant at _____” but you feel compelled to study...
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