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It looks like we have a problem .

According to the system you’ve canceled your membership or allowed your charge card to expire or requested a refund, which cancels all system access.

If this is an error, please visit and submit a support ticket.

If you have refunded, then membership is not and will not ever be an option for you.



  1. Samantha Deal

    AAAARGH! I didn’t mean to cancel my membership! I was culling all of the sign-ups that I DIDN’T want in PayPal and I must have cancelled the one I wanted to keep! PLEEEEASE tell me how I can sort this out…PLEEEEEASE!!!

    • X

      That’s great to hear – we’ll get it sorted out ASAP.

      Thank you Samantha.

  2. Samantha Deal

    Just a little add on – I got in contact a few days ago when I realised what I had done through plus when I clicked the link above, the page wouldn’t load for some reason…just an FYI in case there was an issue.

    • X

      Thank you for the heads up on this Samantha – I will look into it.

  3. Samantha Deal

    Me again! I the Pitch #2 page and signed up again – please tell me if this has restored balance in my universe…it’s pretty hard for me to tell as I’m pretty unbalanced as it is!!

    Thank you! Sorry for being a pain!

    • X

      Hi Samantha –

      I’ll review everything later to ensure we’re good to go.

      I did see it created a new account for you with “Incomplete Registration”.

      I re-added you via your previous account with username “Sdeal”

      We’ll get this sorted out!

      Thanks, John


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