This is just a random thought on the topic of “legal” and “lawyers” . . .

What is it with lawyers?  They have the most gaudy, horrifically decorated offices you’ll ever see.

And Google wants a link to our site map, specially formatted for them.  Because, you know, they own the Internet and we all jump through their hoops.  What’s that? . . . Google wants an XML site map?  OK.  Sure.  Fine.  Have it your way Sergio Page.

And here’s something about me . . . I think.  To be honest I haven’t looked at the page in a while.  If you’re interested in me, great.  But, and my feelings aren’t hurt, you probably don’t give a damn – not yet anyways.

Now this is serious.  Customer support . . . the help desk . . . interactive patron facilitator . . . whatever you want to call us we take your satisfaction very, very seriously.  You should also know we tolerate zero crap.  

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