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“The Library”
Video Training Sessions

Over 100 hours of video training with more on the way.  We cover everything including: Seduction Psychology, Email Sequences, Paid Traffic, Killer Tactics for Dealing with Competition, Finding Products and Services People Want to Buy, Conversion Tactics, and tons more.

VALUE: $2328.00

“The Affiliate Black Book 2.0”

2.0 is a different beast than my other “Black Book” offers.  2.0 was designed for the less experienced and focuses on implementing the basics of my unique system.

VALUE: $197.00

“The Affiliate Black Book 3.0”

3.0 marks the return of the “Black Book” style of compiling killer tactics and strategies that you can implement to improve your current results, giving you a competitive advantage over the suckers following re-tread advice from $10 products.

VALUE: $197.00

Cheat Sheets, Checklists and Templates

To get things done FAST we take an 80% Approach – what that means is that the job is 80% when you’ve simply filled in a blank with the best answer you have in the moment.

Since testing is so important to marketing it’s rare the first answer is the right answer, anyways.  So the faster we start putting systems together, the faster we gain feedback and the faster success happens.
VALUE: > $514.00

Strategies, Tactics and Hacks

Over the past 18 years I’ve assembled and tested a huge collection of marketing strategies, tactics and hacks that will turn you into a legitimate Internet marketing bad ass.

This includes Adwords, Facebook, Youtube, Conversion, The 4 Quadrants of Traffic, Email marketing, 5 Levels of Awareness, “The Dell Pitch”, “Bitch Slap Techniques”, and a crap ton more with new discoveries added when we find ’em.
VALUE: $797.00

Monthly Q&A

Receive access to the vault of Q&As (video and audio) plus attend future Q&A sessions where you can pick my brain on anything you want or need.

VALUE:  $582.00


You’ll have access to a variety of tools to help you gain an advantage over the competition and get the job done. Includes my secret “link weaponizer” software, cover creation tool (used on this page), search tools for content and keyword lists, the “article formula” and more.

VALUE: > $473.00

911 Coaching

When you need help most, I’m here to help.  Let’s get you “unstuck” and on the road to success.  You get two 30-minute 1-on-1 sessions with your order.  These sessions can be scheduled anytime within the next 365 days.  When you need it, you go it.

VALUE: $294.00

Monthly Bonus

Every month, over the next 12 months, we’ll surprise you with something new, useful and interesting.  From high quality information products, to tools, to productivity enhancers like “Laser Focus” to help you get more done in less time.

VALUE: $593.00

Black Book DVDs (Digital)

Gain access to the digital version of this classic.  13 DVDs worth of material with presentations from myself, copy legend Carl Galletti and John Reel.  Plus nearly 300 pages of manual materials.

VALUE:  $1197.00

Total Value: $6779

Monthly payment disclosure.

* Please note.  Not ALL elements are available immediately.  We don’t want to drown you with a fire-hose or overwhelm with you too much too fast.  You’re investing in a one year course of study, mastery and empire building.

** This monthly payment option includes everything included in the original offer EXCEPT for the 911 sessions.

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