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2.0 Development Team

Look @ This –

See for yourself, utilizing the most powerful weapon of mass income you possess – your imagination.

Six weeks from now, or maybe six months, you will have built the foundation of an Internet marketing business that will serve you well for years to come.

You wake up each day, you check your email and what is it you see?

You see sales notifications.  You see that while you slept, worked out at the gym, or spent time with friends you made money.

The fog of get rich quick schemes has lifted and you've found the real deal.  You've done work.  You've done work that is paying dividends and will pay dividends into the future.

You walk a little taller.  You feel damned good depositing those checks.  You've proven the naysayers wrong.  

You have extra money to do with as you please.  Maybe you've started paying off debt.  Or maybe you have taken the first steps towards leaving your J – O – B.

How will this happen?


First, we create the frame.

  • The Adwords Black Book sold for $197.  
  • The Affiliate Black Book (version 1 – $177).  
  • The Black Book DVDs for $1197.
  • Right now (and this is a bargain) I'm working with clients, like you, for $150 per hour.

Each of the products listed are innovative, highly acclaimed (if not controversial) and most importantly – they effectively helped many people make lots of money.

I cannot promise results but I have a proven track record of helping people make money online – you may NEVER have a better opportunity in front of you.

Additionally, these offers were limited and then closed.  If you were on the in, you were lucky.


Now, the deal here is this – 

A new product is in the works that will teach people the mind-blowing approach I've used for nearly a decade to make money as an affiliate.

This approach has evolved, apapting to changes, with the core idea that I want to do work once and get paid for it over and over and over.  This is the smart man's or woman's way of LIVING the 4 Hour Work Week.

The program is well developed in my head, tried and true.  I simply need to get it out of my head to you.

But I want to deliver the product YOU need.

And because I want to deliver the product you need I'm inviting a limited number of people to take part in the creation process.


Here's what that means –

I will deliver material to you as I write it.

I will do a weekly webinar with you to present the material, then answer any and all questions you might have.

Loosely, I will work with you over about 1 month to ensure you have what you need to execute the system I'm going to share in this new program which will sell for at least $197.

And you will have all of this sooner than anyone else, with access to me, and you will receive the complete finished product . . .

But not for $197.  No, you're in for only $100.

This is a limited offer, so act now or you risk missing out (and paying the full price without the webinars later).

Wishing you all the best – X


  1. oran jackson

    I bought 30 mins of your time for 78 dollars and i am hoping to get teh chance to talk to you I used the scheduler but I have not heard back yet.

    • X

      Hi Oran –

      I’m not sure what’s going on here.  I setup a meeting with you and sent the details to your email address but you didn’t show for the meeting at the time you reserved in Scheduly and I didn’t hear back from you.

      Happy to reschedule but it’s hard if I can’t reach you via email.

      All the best to you – X

  2. David King


    Sounds interesting, is your approach still focused around Google Adwords exclusively?

    • X

      Hi David –

      It is still focused around Adwords.  I know for many that will be an issue/concern however I feel confident that I have an approach any affiliate can use (if executed correctly) – and have had success with helping people get new accounts or old accounts re-instated.

      All the best to you –

  3. Mark

    Hi X,

    Will this involve the Content Network as well? Thanks.

    • X

      Mark –

      Content network isn’t in the plan for the main product, but it could be included.

      The goal is this –

      The main product we’ll be developing is the core system – a core system – anyone could implement.

      From there, the membership site will focus on expanding the core system over time – growing the fundamental business.  An important part of that does include the content network and retargeting/remarketing.

      Thanks for the question – X

  4. Dan

    About how much has your approach changed compared to Affiliate Black Book?  Most of that was core strategy, so is the rest just Google Adwords updates or what is different?

    • X

      Dan –

      Probably the biggest changes are related to how to build a site that sells and is viewed favorably by Google.  

      For those familiar with my approach there is no radical deviation but improvements with the intent being to build sites that stand the test of time.

      Honestly, it’s been a long time since I looked at the AffBB so it’s hard to say how much is going to change / be new.  Obviously adaptation has had to occur but the fundamental philosophy is consistent.

      All the best to you – X


  5. cass tyson

    Will your approach work with other PPC networks? Or are we talking strictly adwords?

    • X

      Hi Cass –

      For those starting out I recommend using any PPC platform that allows very specific targeting of specific keywords, or pages.  That is not only Adwords; though the focus is Adwords the basic concept can apply elsewhere.

      All the best to you – X

  6. Dan

    Just signed up.  Proud to be a member of the development team! 

    • X

      Awesome!  Happy to have you Dan.

  7. Gary

    Will the webinars be recorded?

    The reason I ask is that if I join I would want to contribute to the development of the product, but I live in England, and have a day job, so attending webinars late at night isn't doable for me.

    Cheers, Gary.

    • X

      Yes Gary, they will be.

  8. Frank

    Will those of us on a limited budget be able to get your plan going. I realize the relationship between $ spent and return. I have come to recognise that paid traffic is the way to go and would value learning a low impact way to scale a project.

    • X

      Hi Frank –

      In the beginning (and still totally possible now) I spent an average of $35 per month on paid traffic.  With that I earned about $250-300 per month in affiliate commissions.  So, my answer is relative to your situation but I am not going to suggest you need to spend hundreds per month to get somewhere.  This can, and should, grow for you.

      Those initial numbers reflect one program I promoted.  When I had more to spend on traffic I did, later increasing my ad spend to about $350 per month on that campaign and topping out at about $1800 per month in commissions.  

      Some things can do better – much – and other things won’t come close to that.

      My approach does not promise massive traffic – but it is very low-risk.  If you can’t be profitable with that traffic you can’t be profitable with any!  I expect to profit double on my upfront spend on traffic, immediately, while continuing to profit later from other offer.  So if I spend $35 I expect to make at least $70 back on what I promote – and then profit more, later with promotions to the list I’m building.

      Hope this helps – 

  9. Jon Nastor

    My wife is really interested in learning about making an income online and its hard for me to teach her.  Would she be able to work through this effectively ?

    • X

      Jon –

      My goal with this program is to provide a core model in the new Affiliate Black Book – something my own wife could work from.  So yes, I hope that’s what we achieve here.

      All the best to you –

  10. Johanna

    Just signed up – looking forward to getting started!  Is there an estimated date?  thanks

    • X

      Hi Johanna!

      Yes, we’ll get things started this Thursday at 4PM CST.  I’ll keep you posted.

  11. Johanna

    Are we still on for today?  I have not heard anything.

    • X

      Hi Johanna –

      It seems we have a communication issue to resolve as I’m hearing from many they’re not hearing from me.

      Today, I will get everyone added to an Aweber list – this system list seems to be landing in people’s SPAM folders, mine included.

      Since there is confusion – and I apologize for this – let’s move today’s webinar to next Tuesday to ensure everyone has plenty of advanced notice.  And then the webinar scheduled for next Thursday will happen as scheduled.

      Again, sorry about the confusion.


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