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Look @ This –

See for yourself, utilizing the most powerful weapon of mass income you possess – your imagination.

Six weeks from now, or maybe six months, you will have built the foundation of an Internet marketing business that will serve you well for years to come.

You wake up each day, you check your email and what is it you see?

You see sales notifications.  You see that while you slept, worked out at the gym, or spent time with friends you made money.

The fog of get rich quick schemes has lifted and you've found the real deal.  You've done work.  You've done work that is paying dividends and will pay dividends into the future.

You walk a little taller.  You feel damned good depositing those checks.  You've proven the naysayers wrong.  

You have extra money to do with as you please.  Maybe you've started paying off debt.  Or maybe you have taken the first steps towards leaving your J – O – B.

How will this happen?


First, we create the frame.

  • The Adwords Black Book sold for $197.  
  • The Affiliate Black Book (version 1 – $177).  
  • The Black Book DVDs for $1197.
  • Right now (and this is a bargain) I'm working with clients, like you, for $150 per hour.

Each of the products listed are innovative, highly acclaimed (if not controversial) and most importantly – they effectively helped many people make lots of money.

I cannot promise results but I have a proven track record of helping people make money online – you may NEVER have a better opportunity in front of you.

Additionally, these offers were limited and then closed.  If you were on the in, you were lucky.


Now, the deal here is this – 

A new product is in the works that will teach people the mind-blowing approach I've used for nearly a decade to make money as an affiliate.

This approach has evolved, apapting to changes, with the core idea that I want to do work once and get paid for it over and over and over.  This is the smart man's or woman's way of LIVING the 4 Hour Work Week.

The program is well developed in my head, tried and true.  I simply need to get it out of my head to you.

But I want to deliver the product YOU need.

And because I want to deliver the product you need I'm inviting a limited number of people to take part in the creation process.


Here's what that means –

I will deliver material to you as I write it.

I will do a weekly webinar with you to present the material, then answer any and all questions you might have.

Loosely, I will work with you over about 1 month to ensure you have what you need to execute the system I'm going to share in this new program which will sell for at least $197.

And you will have all of this sooner than anyone else, with access to me, and you will receive the complete finished product . . .

But not for $197.  No, you're in for only $100.

This is a limited offer, so act now or you risk missing out (and paying the full price without the webinars later).

Wishing you all the best – X

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