You Can Build a New “Cash Machine” Every Week – and Here’s How You Can Do It

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insider secrets

Have you ever wondered how to send your prospects past a squeeze page, or direct to a shopping cart?  You’ll discover how!

get paid for more sales

Did you know that, on average, 30% of all sales you’ve referred are not credited to you properly?  “They” aren’t cheating you intentionally, but I’ll show you how to ensure you get paid for more of the sales you deserve to be paid for.

low-risk paid traffic

Do you know what the four quadrants of traffic are?  Allow me to introduce you to quadrant one which virtually guarantees you’ll be profitable.

automate your income

The fastest, easiest way to build long-term, evergreen income systems that runs on autopilot.

success habits

Forget clunky tools.  Doing “this” every day is the way to know and understand your market more intimately.

a Crap ton more

There’s so much good stuff packed in here that I can’t even begin to list it all.  Let’s just say that if you’re serious about learning then this is where you want to be.


What You’ll Get

How to find products and services people want to buy
How to find products and services people want to buy
How to discover campaigns making someone else money
The clues of success are everywhere.  When you know what to look for you’ll find making money becomes obvious.
Free access to “How Money Gets Made Online” report
If you’re thinking about start, or struggling to build, your online business then this report is a must read.
5 Wicked Tricks to 2X Your Sales
It wouldn’t be a black book without a few nasty tactics in the mix.
SEO Cheat Sheet
6-10 product recommendations over the next year; stuff I use from people you can trust
I only promote products and services that I use, love and trust.
How to Get Paid to Do What You Love Doing
Life’s too short to waste your time and energy doing work you don’t love.  It’s VERY possible to do what you love most AND make a decent, even great, living.
The Surprising Truth About Google and Affiliates
Crushing this myth clashes with my best interests.  Adwords is ripe with opportunities for the affiliate that “gets it”.
And much, much more!
We’d be here all day if I listed everything my subscribers get.  And those who are not my subscribers?  Nothing!  You get nothing!

What You’ll Never Get

Your information will NEVER be sold, shared or rented out.
You are the most valuable asset I have and I’m out to treat you accordingly.  I’m not going to pass you around like a human trafficker.
Incessant promotions for the crap clique clubs money-grab of the day
You know what I’m talking about – you buy some cheap crap product and within the minute they’re already trying to sell you something else unrelated to what you just bought.  And then tomorrow it’s on to the next hyped-up gimmick of the day.  We don’t play that.
Recommendations for products I don’t use myself
Unlike the crap clique club we work hard to not sell our souls for the quick buck (harder than you think because there are so many ways to get hooked in).  If we haven’t used the product and found REAL value in it then you’re not going to hear about it from us.  And if you don’t hear about it from us then you probably don’t need it.
Added to lists other than what you joined*
Does this sound familiar?

I bought a cheap product from David Kirby which, it turns out, he wasn’t even licensed to sell.  That’s something, huh?  You steal someone else’s product and sell it as your own.  Nice.

When I discovered this I immediately asked for a refund and unsubscribed.

Next day I get two emails from this guy.  I unsubscribed from both.  Nearly a year later I STILL get garbage from this guy.

Lot’s of these clowns do this.  You unsubscribe and they just move you to a new system.

Here?  If you don’t want to be here we’re not going to block your exit.  You’re free to go at any time.  Really.

Recommendations for products I don’t use myself
Disclaimer: We are not responsible for death if the amazingness cannot be handled. Proceed at your own risk.

“You can’t stop him. You can only hope to contain him.”

Story X

Hey there amigo.  John R Barker here, also known as “X”.  I’ve been a full-time Internet marketer for 19 years –

It has not been all fun and games and automated income – my first three years were a total disaster.  But then came the epiphany – “Sell what people already want to buy in the places where they’re already looking.”

That set me on a very successful track as an affiliate.  Not just any affiliate, however.  Over the years I’ve innovated dozens of unique approaches to affiliate marketing that give you more assets, more options, more sales and more commissions.

If what you seek is advice along the lines of creating killer content, posting links in forums, dinking around on Twitter or creating crappy Youtube videos then you’re in the wrong place.

With this approach the goal is to NEVER look like an affiliate.

Oh, and we push the boundaries and tend to get a little aggressive with our competition.

If you want to learn from a grizzled veteran who’s fought many battles (and won), then get up there and Join Us for Access.


“In my opinion ‘Mr. X’ is a genius. His marketing information is really, really good and very useful.”

– Klaus Dahl

“No hype, no “gimmicks” just pure actionable information for succeeding as an affiliate. Some say affiliate marketing is “dead”. John clearly demonstrates how nothing could be further from the truth for those who approach affiliatemarketing as a real business and not some “hobby” or “gimmick of the week” venture. The coolest part is that the “updated” program contains so much foundational info from the original. This means that what John originally presented has the sort of longevity rarely seen in internet marketing circles. Most programs give too little real “meat”, and many share info that “used to work” or will only work for a short time before the window of opportunity closes. While John’s new “tweaks” are essential for optimum success, his original principles have not changed fundamentally.”

Ralph Napolitano
V.P., Special Projects

Business Breakthroughs International (Chet Holmes)

Thanks to listening to you on stage and then buying your products we turned our company NetProfits LLC into a $6 million per year (sales turnover) business.

Ian Orford
CEO, Netprofits LLC

hi john:

i have used the black book strategies (bidding on trademark) very
succesfully, with ROI as high as 1600%. i can’t express how much my
gratitude is to you.

I would like to know when are your imxfiles newsletter and workshop
dvd available?

Seeing that your stuff is extremely powerful, i am very eager on your
new products.

please let me know so that I can set a budget.

Lai (Chia Yee)

Usually in my story Russell Brunson gets the credit for my success over the years. It was your course that I watched during his internship that helped me go from $60 in Adwords to 6-figures. Well your course and Russell’s tips.

Would love to tell the real story of how it was your course during Russell’s internship that started my whole paid traffic journey.

I’ve gone from a pathetic $2/day to now having spent tens of millions.

Thanks by the way 

– Justin Brooke

Hi, my name is Bryant Meyers and I just wanted to give an unsolicited testimonial to Mr. X for his course Black Book DVDs and how it impacted my internet marketing career.

At the time I purchased the course, I just made a bold move to Florida and quit my job teaching college Math and Physics to pursue internet marketing full time.

I was making about $3000-$4000 a month when I moved so I did have a decent start. I purchased the course just about the same time I moved down and really put it into action,
aggressively implementing the strategies in the course , especially ppc marketing on adwords (and to this day I still use the exact same ads).

Three years later, I am earning about $25,000 a month on average and have been doing so for 2 straight years now and not once has my income dropped below $20,000/month and my 
best month was $40,000.

Since I have been enjoying life and making this income on about 4 hours a day work, I have an inner drive to take my business to the next level of $83,000 a month which is about
$1 Million a year. And the FIRST thing I did was open up the Black Book DVD series again to review all the information for the next step in my journey.

Thanks John, oops I mean Mr. X, for your totally awesome & bad ass course that has made me the king of the niche I am in (and all my competitors rightfully fear my dominance 😉

Bryant Meyers
Sarasota Fl.

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