Winter Special

 Are You Ready to Grab the Head-start on 2015?


You don’t need to wait for the holiday season to come and go before setting your course for 2015.  I’m already working to make next year bigger, better and more profitable for you – will you join me?

2015 will mark the 10th year that I’ve been helping people, just like you, to build a business using the affiliate marketing model.

But let’s be clear – I don’t teach shortcuts, half-baked schemes or promise that you’ll get rich quick.

What I do offer is a comprehensive Internet marketing education that emphasizes a low-risk, high-efficiency approach.

In other words, smart people willing to work will like what I offer – the slow-witted and lazy will not.


One-Time Only Discount?


I’ve never offered a discount.  I don’t believe in discounts.  At $127- I believe this product is already under-priced.

But if you’re seeing this offer then you probably haven’t had a first-hand experience with my approach.  I want you – I want you to have success in 2015 and then I want you to become another one of my raving fans.

If you need to read the entire offer, please do.

But if you’ve been waiting for an answer – THE ANSWER – this is your best opportunity.

Because ONLY until December 14th – this Sunday – will you be able to claim your copy of the Affiliate Black Book for $77 off plus the monthly membership at an additional $27 off – per month!  If you remain a member for one-year that’s a savings of over $400!



Join Now – This Offer Will End

$127.00 – $50
$47mo.  – $20


Offer Includes

  • Core Training System: Includes 5 Modules, Over 170 Pages
  • Core Training System: Video Training Sessions, Over 7 Hours of Video
  • “Secret Sauce” WordPress Plugin
  • Special Unadvertised Bonuses
  • Access to Questions and Answers
  • Access to Supplemental Core Training on the Membership Site
  • Access to Elite Training Materials
  • Access to Recorded Monthly Training Sessions
  • Access to Monthly Updates
  • Access to Monthly Special Bonuses
  • Access to Much, Much, Much More!



Join Now – This Offer Will End

$127.00 – $50
$47mo.  – $20


NOTICE:  There will be a one-time charge of $50, then a recurring monthly charge of $20 per month.  This offer will automatically expire on December 14, 2014.

DISCLAIMER:  Results vary.  We cannot and do not make any promises regarding your income potential.

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