If you give yourself forever to get things done they don’t get done.

That’s one of the most important productivity secrets you’ll ever learn.  Limit time – bang it out – move on to next.  Revise and improve the product later, continually.

It doesn’t matter what the “product” is – an ad campaign, or a full blown home-training course.

Dan Sullivan teaches in his 80% Solution that no matter how much planning you do, or you don’t do, the “product” you create will be about 80% of the way there.

Set up that ad campaign even if the details aren’t perfect – they won’t be.  Getting that ad up is 80% of the way, even if the ad copy sucks.

Get that landing page setup even if your headlines and copy are not much better than place-holding filler – that’s still 80% of the way there.

It’s tough to sell a product without giving the prospect a sense of urgency – and it’s tough to accomplish **anything** without imposing that sense of urgency on yourself.


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