How the Right Traffic Gets Results – and the Wrong Traffic Will Kill You

Traffic and conversion are the two-sides of IM and all products, or services, being pitched at you fall into one of these two categories – or maybe they promise both, as a system like here.

You need to orient yourself with traffic and conversion so you can begin to make some choices, to see how things fit together.

People seem to believe that traffic is the secret to success.


I’ve made almost no money from HUGE traffic – and I’ve made very good money from relatively little traffic.

Huge traffic is untargeted traffic, unless it comes to you from specific sources (which, in high likelihood are presently out of your reach so you don’t need to be concerned with them).

Highly targeted traffic converts highly – it’s most profitable and requires the least work. It’s efficient – focus on nothing else.

I could not care less about big numbers when it comes to traffic. The smaller the keyword lists involved the better, IMHO.

You need to understand that the nature of traffic varies. Not all traffic is created equal.


Why Free Traffic is for Fools

“Free traffic” is worth less than “paid traffic”, that’s why it’s “free” – except, it’s not. I have PROOF that 4 top 10 organic listings in Google are worth one-quarter what ONE paid listing is worth –

Go ahead, read that again if you need to – I didn’t stutter.

“Free traffic” takes longer to generate (and since time is money that’s VERY EXPENSIVE), and offers little to no control.

I laugh at everyone freaking out over Panda or Penguin or whatever. And yet people keep searching for that next traffic shortcut even though they get chumped over and over and over.



Bottom line: A) traffic is important, but you need the right traffic and B) conversion is where money is made.

To be successful you need to know what “the right” traffic is, how to get it, and how to convert it.

When you develop conversion skills you have skills that translate to any time, place or situation – online or off.  You catchin’ my drift?

Traffic = Front-End
Conversion = Back-End

We’re still talking about the two sides of Internet marketing – but I’m showing it to you through a different frame.

Front-end products, or offers, exist for the purpose of bringing people in. They pay for, or monetize, traffic generation.

The front-end can certainly be profitable – meaning it brings in more money than it costs. But you’ll never make more than a modest living by focusing ONLY on front-end promotions.

I’m not impressed by the guy who claims $1.5 million in sales over a 5-year period on Amazon, while fetching only $70K in commissions. That sounds like a waste of ability. And what happens if Amazon cans their affiliate program where he lives?

You need to understand that acting as an affiliate means you are almost always promoting a front-end product.

Is that a bad thing? The way most affiliates do it – YES, or more accurately, it’s a short-sighted-shoot-yourself-in-the-foot thing – especially when there is a much, much better way.

And that way is to leverage other people’s front-end products to become traffic generators for you – in essence, make them YOUR front-end.

BIG CLUE: You don’t sniff real money, or consistent income without lists.

It is of no service to you to teach you to be a front-end traffic conduit. It’s a shortcut. It’s a short-lived approach vulnerable to wolves, like me, who will gut and eat you alive.

The way 98% of all affiliates operate, of which 90% of those make no money at all, means that you become a source of traffic for someone else, and that’s it.

If you’re making no money as an affiliate it’s for this simple reason – you think traffic is the answer when it’s not, unless you’ve got conversion right AND it’s the RIGHT traffic.

What’s more, or what’s worse, is most that choose the affiliate model do it looking for the shortest short-cuts.

“Yo Homie Dude, what’s the quickest way I can send traffic sum place and make some fast cash bro?”

That’s a huge mistake and it’s probably the question I’m asked most frequently.


A) Desperation almost never results in success – it puts off a subliminal stench everyone smells and runs from – people aren’t just “not buying” from you, they’re running away.

B) You have no control over the sales process and as an affiliate you must seize control, or be eaten by alphas – betas don’t win – they’re food.

C) You have no accumulating assets (ie, a list – or even an income producing site of your own).



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