You Ain’t Gonna Dominate Anything Like That – This is How You Dominate

Because they don’t know any better, and because they don’t know how to do what I do, most affiliates are nothing more than traffic conduits.

That means they do the heavy lifting, assume all of the risk, produce the most difficult sales, and then give up all of the power to someone else.

*IF* you’re having success as an affiliate – and you probably aren’t – I can almost guarantee that for each $1 you’re earning, you could be earning $5-10 more.

There are 5 Levels of asset development and profit in most sales funnels. Most affiliates only see profits from “Level Two” – a few are building an asset on “Level One”.

In the Affiliate Black Book I’ll teach you how to build a BACKSTORY and show you the way to turn a $30 ebook sale into the potential of producing a sale in the thousands – all acting as an affiliate.


The Ultimate Online Marketing System

Right after I had my first $100,000 month I attended a conference as a featured speaker. Rich Schefren presented and pitched his Business Growth System as the answer to all my aspirations.

I forked over $5,000 for the privilege of learning all about his system – and that was the start of my own gradual descent into marketing hell.

I’m not dissing on Rich or his program – it’s worked for some, and it’s obviously worked for him.

But for me? I traded a system I could work from my own home with monthly income increases that averaged 10% and more PER MONTH for an office, full-time employees, management headaches, increased overhead, weight gain, higher blood pressure and inevitably depression.

I painted myself into a corner I’ll call HELL!

No more. I’m back at home – or the park, coffee shop, or wherever I LIKE to be. I employ no full-timers. I have a more efficient system and a team of freelance professionals.

You don’t need to take on bigger responsibility to achieve bigger results. You don’t need a bunch of business theory or recaps of business books. What you do need is a smart system – a smart plan – that allows you maximum leverage.

 Galls Law

It is a UNIVERSAL LAW that complex systems evolve out of simple systems –

A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. The inverse proposition also appears to be true: A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be made to work. You have to start over, beginning with a working simple system. – Galls Law

Affiliate Black Book gives you a core system, a simple system, that works.

The Affiliate Black Book membership (optional upgrade) builds on that simple system over time producing greater results.

As Sam Carpenter notes in his book, “Work The System”, everything works by systems.

The world operates by systems, with such things as the sun coming up every day, or the seasons changing.  Our lives are made up of systems as well, our morning routine, the usual way we do things.  Unfortunately, sometimes our system is chaos instead of an ordered method!

Efficient systems evolve and work towards becoming better and better.  Inefficient systems, if they ever worked, become extinct sooner or later.

This mindset was and still is a major epiphany.  If you don’t have what you want you need to replace the system you have with a system that works.

My system has evolved over 15 years of trial, error, testing and adaptation.  The basic system – the foundation – has changed very little.  80% of what worked 10 years ago still works as well today.  With a high level of probability it will still work 10 years from now.

Better yet, this system has been adapted from the best practices of the sales and marketing greats.  That means these foundational systems have decades of proven success.  I didn’t invent them – I just applied these systems to marketing online.


Of course, I provide you with my systems. But if you don’t want my system here are two ways I’ve learned to develop and document systems.

First, record your screen while performing the task. Then either transcribe what you’ve done or hire someone to transcribe for you.  I prefer the latter.  I use Camtasia to make the recording and Fiverr for the transcription.

Second, make note of the problems you experience. This is Sam Carpenter’s approach.

When you identify a problem, you identify the system that needs to be tweaked – or replaced.

Example: Many affiliates have had BIG problems with Google Adwords. Through a lot of trial and error I discovered the problem has nothing to do with being an affiliate and everything to do with how affiliates tend to operate. I simply fixed that system. No more problem.

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