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“Here’s the Way to Generate More Sales and More Commissions Without Selling Like a Sleazy Schmuck and Without Getting Banned by Google or Facebook”

The last five or six years monumental changes have been occurring in the world of Internet marketing.  You’re not going to hear about these changes on forums or Facebook groups because those are cesspools of incestuous regurgitation.

The result is many people, still utilizing “the old ways” of marketing, have been slaughtered.  Especially when it comes to paid traffic. 

Now, what I have to share with you does not require paid traffic.  But it does require a new way of reaching out and selling to customers.

When you embrace this change you’re going to discover startling increases in traffic, reach and sales!

By now you’ve noticed the best traffic sources often discourage and refuse to send traffic to review pages, sales letters and squeeze pages.  

This has left many asking . . .

 “What are we supposed to do?”

This has been a difficult problem to solve.  It’s been such a difficult problem to solve that many people have completely given up on the absolute BEST traffic source.

And when we’re talking about best traffic source here’s what that means: the places people go READY TO BUY a solution.

Yet the solution is surprisingly simple.  

For now, very few people are utilizing the power of this approach however that’s about to change. Because those who are, are killing it and it’s only a matter of time before more people jump on this bandwagon.

The only question is which side of the Bell Curve you’re going to fall on – will you be among the early adapters or the late arrives?

Your goal is to generate a SERIOUS, passive, ongoing income and you really only care about one thing:

A proven approach to creating pages that convert AND pass the criteria the best traffic sources (Google) use to define a high quality page.

As it turns out, there’s a terrific way to accomplish this and when it’s been fully explained you’ll have two thoughts . . .

. . . First, “This is so obvious . . . why isn’t everyone already doing this?” . . .

. . . And second, “Oh hell, yes!”

Look, hundreds of thousands have already tried, and most have failed, to make money with online marketing. Hundreds of thousands have already tried, and most have failed, to drive traffic using Google – especially Adwords.

As a result they’ve gone on to attempting one scheme after another (Bright Shiny Object Syndrome) that has also brought nothing but failure, frustration and for most – a desire to quit and go get an inglorious job at 7/11 or Walmart.

If that is not for you – then this is . . .


It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype and hoopla that sometimes we fail to look at the big picture and seek out the simplest solutions. 

Check this out:  In the beginning, someone asks a question.

Specifically, a “How do I?” kind of question.

Think about it. Why do you go to a search engine, like Google, and type a phrase into a search box?

Why do you ever click a link?

Because you have a question. You are compelled by curiosity. You hold the desire to know something. You want answers.

You don’t want a page with a sales pitch or a BS review, or a generic article written for $1.25 that’s been spun to make it “unique”.

The Solution

The Blueprint Model provides the answer to their question by combining elements of an “as seen on television” infomercial demonstration and a step-by-step tutorial.

Relax, you don’t have to go Billy Mays.

But you’d be smart to learn from his brilliance. People like demonstrations of value and even more they like demonstrations that make it seem doable FOR THEM.

It turns out that answering their question and giving them a solution to their problem is a win-win situation.

Who knew?!

They’re glad to get the answers. You have helped them and you’ve opened the door for an opportunity to let them know about the product or service you want to sell, whether it’s your own, or you’re promoting it as an affiliate for a commission.

That’s the whole point of The Blueprint Modelgrasp the opportunity to show your readers how to use your chosen product to do whatever they need to do better, cheaper or faster.

The Advantages of This Model

  • Establish authority

  • Ranks well in the search engines

  • Gets top quality scores for paid ads

  • “Sells” without selling

  • Delivers real, enduring value

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find inside . . .

Step One: Finding Your Target Market

. . . Driving Desires
. . . Pressing Problems
. . . Getting the Right Market Focus
. . . Terms to Use When Searching

Step Two: The Right Kind of Offers

. . . Where to Find Offers
. . . Offers Sitting in Your Mailbox
. . . Other Ways to Find Offers
. . . Facebook Research Magic

Step Three: Designing the Blueprint Offer Page

Step Four: Getting Traffic

. . . Adwords and Bing
. . . Free Traffic Freaky-nomics
. . . How to Write Ads That Get Clicked

Step Five: Conversion Tactics

PLUS: Strategies to Make Your Job Easier
(Hint: somebody has probably already done most of the hard work for you)


Yep.  But they’re OUR little secret.

Frequently Asked Questions

Money is an exchange of value.  If you want to EARN money then you need to provide value.  If you’re hoping you can push a button or slap up some crap and make money then you’re simply delusional and this offer isn’t for you.

That said, here’s the good news.  This can be a lot of fun and in all likelihood someone has already done the hard work for you WHEN you know where to look.  And though there is a little work involved, this isn’t hard.

No.  It will put you in the game for paid traffic though.  And this strategy opens up a world of high-quality targeted traffic very few pay per click marketers are targeting.

But this works extremely well for generating organic traffic because it’s all about creating exactly what the search engines want because it’s what people want.

You’ve been ripped off and scammed by this game so I know exactly what you’re thinking.

No – this is a timeless approach.  I absolutely hate doing work more than once so this method is based on creating evergreen materials that become more and more effective over time.

This is for everyone.

If you’re an affiliate this is an effective approach to selling products in virtually every market, or market niche.  This is better than direct linking, it’s better than review pages and it’s better than weak bridge pages. It delivers real value and in the process sells the prospect on the solution baked into that value.

If you sell your own products or services this effective and highly recommended.  It will give you an advantage over others you are competing with by proving the value you have to offer in a way that establishes your authority and comfort with your approach. 

As a general rule I hate upsells.  There is a one-time-only offer, however it is not required to make this system work for you – or even to make this system work better.  Everything you need to make this approach work is included.  And because you’re here and I have lots of great stuff to offer I’ll let you know about it.

No.  Just no.

There are a great many people in the world who have come to expect a big box of steaming crap for a handful of sweaty dollars. 

I’ve spent 17-years figuring out the approaches I USE in my business.  It’s absurd to think that for $50 you’re going to get everything you ever wanted or needed to know about making money.  What you’re getting here is a big bite for a little money – but the entire enchilada?  Come on.

I hate to burst that bubble but you either know it’s true or you’re just not in touch with reality – yet.  I’d rather turn you away right now, with the truth, than have you whining later that you didn’t get every conceivable bit of information you need to know for the cost of a night at the movies.  Seriously.

But, this is top-shelf information and if you do the work then it is reasonable to expect you’re going to generate enough sales to fully justify this purchase and the time you’ll invest in it.

Even if it only produces 1 sale per week with a $15 commission, that’s $720 you’ll pocket over the next year.  The work involved here won’t require more than 3-4 hours for most people (at the most) and you can replicate it over and over and over.

So, you can take your shot here . . . or you can earn that same $720 delivering pizzas for 60 hours.

Put Your Money Where Your Dream Is Invest in Your Future

Now is the time to take action on what you want.  Today’s choice becomes tomorrow’s reality.


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