Has there ever been a shortage of hype, controversy or doom and gloom around affiliate marketing?

For years I’ve read stories of impending doom coming down upon the heads of affiliates everywhere.

And the reality is, the sidelines are strewn with corpses. People are getting butchered out there. A lot of affiliates have lost huge.

But I keep on beating my drum. Bum, bum, bum-bum-bum, bum.

Let me introduce you to The Affiliate Cycle of Self-Destruction. It’s fueled by people selling the idea of get-rich-quick and do-nothing-for-no-one delusion sold by charlatans.

It’s shortsighted. It’s built on laziness and the desire to get something for nothing.

It’s also a submissive way of doing business.

So let’s assume that YOU are not lazy, delusional, trying to make a buck doing next to nothing or a willing submissive waiting around for someone else to take charge.

Take a look at this first image. It’s a visual depiction of an ideal relationship between merchant, affiliate and prospect.

In an ideal world there is a mutual line of communication between all three parties to the buying relationship.

The merchant and affiliate have an open communication where each party in the relationship values the other. The merchant loves the affiliate because the affiliate is recognized for being an important part of the lifeblood of the company. The affiliate shows the merchant love by working diligently to be a great and knowledgeable representative of the merchant’s products and services.

The merchant recognizes that a well compensated affiliate will be best able to do his job, and in return the affiliate is loyal to the merchant. Together they grow their businesses and profits.

The affiliate and the prospect have a great relationship because the affiliate is genuinely concerned about the welfare of the prospect. The affiliate wants to help the prospect resolve their problem. And the prospect appreciates the effort of the affiliate for making a valuable contribution to their life.

And then finally the prospect and the merchant meet; needs are communicated, value is delivered and problems are solved.

What a fairy tale, huh?!

Of course, this isn’t the way that reality actually works.

That’s why we have image number two depicting the real relationship.

In most affiliate-merchant relationships communication travels in one direction; the merchant dictates to the affiliate what they can and cannot do. The merchant holds all of the power (largely because the affiliate feels powerless – submissive – and thus gives all of the power to the merchant). This is what tends to happen in relationships that involve one and many. The one dictates while the many get the message “you’re replaceable – take it or leave it”.

This doesn’t provide the affiliate with any real incentive to do anything more than make the quick buck they can make where they can make it.

Loyalty? Who freakin’ cares?!

This, of course, is then passed along to the prospect. The affiliate makes a half-assed attempt at selling the product. Since they’re not a part of the final conversation, who cares about anything but a commission?

The logic makes sense, but it’s a cycle of self-destruction for the affiliate.

The affiliate goes from meaningless relationship to meaningless relationship, giving as little value as possible along the way.

Some affiliates make a go of this for a while, until eventually Google (the relationship counselor) comes along and says “This is a dysfunctional mess – go.”

And so we blame the relationship counselor for pointing out what was obvious all along; everybody here is using everybody else and the people who need help the most are getting shafted.

Don’t despair – there is a solution.

The irony in the solution is that it’s cloaked in a mysterious dark veil. Who knew that a guy named X writing Black Books teaching forbidden knowledge would hold the solution.

I give you visual number three –

In this example, I’m stepping up to take control of this mess.

No longer am I one of the many, but instead I become the one.

No longer is the no-value quicky in my best interest.

No longer am I on par with every other affiliate in the marketplace.

No longer am I at the bottom of the Adwords food chain.

I’ve broken the cycle of self-destruction by creating and claiming my spot in the pecking order.

If merchant A dictates to me, I promote merchant B and divert traffic away from merchant A to merchant B.

I have taken the power. The lines of communication open up everywhere.

And because I have something of value to offer that didn’t exist before, I become a necessary and valuable part of the relationship.

I can assure you that what I’m telling you here is not happening anywhere else.

Although I’ve been teaching this basic concept for years, and successfully THRIVING through the worst that Google has thrown out there, almost NOBODY has followed suit. Sure, I’ve been ripped off by dozens of wannabe marketers but none of them seem to ‘get’ the REAL power of what I’m teaching here.

Gold mines are waiting to be emptied. And waiting, and waiting.

But let’s forget about mining gold – making a car payment, or credit card payment or rent payment would make a huge difference for a lot of people.

All the best to you – X

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