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Affiliate Black Book 2.0 is the previous release version.  You will find this version very different in format that 3.0, though all content is update and relevant as of June 18, 2017.

I’ve decided to provide 2.0 to 3.0 customers as a bonus – and of course, 2.0 customers still have full access to these training materials.

2.0 follows more of step-by-step format, so if you feel you need that then you’ll find these training materials highly valuable.



The Mindset

This is critical to help you get into “Paradigm X” – and you MUST get Paradigm or you risk being one of the 98% of affiliates who just.  don’t.  get.  it!

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NEW: Module 1 PDF Guide | Guiding Principles PDF Reference


Research, Selection and Backstory

The biggest sticking point for most Internet marketers is niche / market selection.  Even if you already have a niche or a collection of converting products this is not your typical “basic stuff”.  

We hit this topic from a fresh perspective that helps you see a bigger, more in-depth picture of your market and the true potential of it.  In other words, do what I tell you to do here and you’ll make a LOT more money.

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NEW: Module 2 PDF Guide


Build the Site

This is where most affiliates get ship-wrecked where Google is concerned.  You may be pissed off, disillusioned, whatever with Google . . . but imagine for a moment that Google does NOT dislike affiliates and that there are ways to build a site Google will either love or that will fly under their radar.

After spending 3 years studying and enduring the frustration of trial and error I feel super-confident that affiliates who build the right type of sites can absolutely flourish in a time when the IM crowd has essentially given up on the best traffic source on the Internet.

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Mind Map: Back in the Adwords Game

Mind Map: Google Human Review Guidelines

NEW: Module 3 PDF Guide


Build the Traffic

Our core system will focus on Google Adwords for traffic.  Rest assured this does not require a big budget.  And if you opt for another source of traffic – paid elsewhere, article marketing, or SEO, you’ll be fine.

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NEW: Module 4 PDF Guide


Build the Relationships

A critical element in my affiliate business is, and has always been, list-building and developing relationships with that list (using automation).  It is possible this module will not be in the core product but we’ll cover this in our group and see how it goes.

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NEW: Module 5 PDF Guide



Soda Popper

The essential WordPress plugin for affiliate success.  It allows us to work magic.

Get it here

Seeker Search Tool

This tool makes research fast and easy.  You want to use this for creating information packed pages.

Access it here

Easy Cover Creator

Creates nice, professional looking graphics for your sites.

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Need Help?

If you need account related assistance, contact the help desk.If you have a question related to the materials, please post your question in the comments section on the appropriate page.  That way everyone benefits from the answer.


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