It’s astounding that whenever someone in Internet marketing makes a post about time management and personal productivity there’s a predictable chorus of “We already know everything about time management . . . even though we’re proud to declare we’re functionally incapable of getting anything done because of ADD.  I’m like so ADD you know.”

In other words, they assert that they already know everything that needs to be known yet because of some mysterious malady, aka excuse, outside their control they can do nothing about it.

And let me say this . . . all of these claims about ADD/ADHD are an insult to those who’ve legitimately suffered and been diagnosed – it’s no joke and if you had to live with THAT you’d realize it’s a pathetic excuse for procrastination. 

First, most of us agree time cannot be manage.  We don’t get to call time-outs.  In fact, I don’t even make the effort to stick with a schedule.

Time limits, good.

“I’m going to do X at 10, Y at 10:30 and Z at 12:00? . . . doesn’t work for me.

All that aside, you can put together a powerful schedule and stick to it like glue, but that doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything productive.

So I challenge myself to recognize tasks on a grading scale of A, B, C and D

“A” tasks are those that make money.  Do you know what your “A” tasks are?

  • An “A” is directly related to selling something.

Ah, the to-do list already looks different doesn’t it.

“B” tasks lead to making money – or they create a potential.  These are tasks with a strong potential of producing future income.  But don’t fool yourself here either.  Because there are a lot of things we hope will lead to making money . . . and then there are things we know will lead to making money.

At least 80% of your time should be spent on A and B tasks, which is to say tasks that are directly selling and marketing.

“C” tasks are routine maintenance tasks.  They don’t lead to making money.  They don’t lead to much of anything, although maintaining relationships with customers and business partners can be important to the success of A and B.  In general though, these tasks have to be done by somebody, but they are the killer of any business if they are allowed to exceed 20% of the business’ time or resources.  And 20% would be the bloated end of the deal.

* NOTE:  Unless you have BOTH the systems in place and the money to outsource them to QUALITY people, it is to your great advantage to optimize the potentials of affiliate marketing which greatly minimize the C tasks that come along with your own products.

“D” tasks are just plain time wasters.  People who waste your time, trips to ESPN message boards, arguing on the Warrior Forum, etc.   You cannot even entertain the thought of going there.

If you’re challenged with seeing A’s in your business then you have a serious problem to solve.  In the article “Should You Quit Your Day Job” I wrote that there is a difference between quitting a job and hoping you’ll make money – and knowing how to make money.

The answers become much easier and more clear when you can reach people directly and consistently.  (hint, hint)  :-)

All the best to you – X

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