FACT: The affiliate marketing how-to market is dominated by un-creative small-time thinking.

And it’s killing you.

If I had REAL magical powers here’s what I’d do (at least as far as teaching Internet marketing goes) . . .

I’d clear people’s cache.  I’d wipe from memory all the bad crap people have learned; believe, though erroneous; and continue to do even after I’ve said “Don’t do this shit!”

Does this sound familiar?

PawnWork your butt writing, spinning, submitting content to drive traffic to a site where you’re slapping up banner ads – or artfully crafting pre-sell materials in the HOPES that you’re going to make a buck or two.


And “it” is not just THAT.  It’s the 95% of what affiliates are doing.  Seeing it brings insanity into MY brain.

Products you can promote as an affiliate have one purpose – to get traffic to your site in a way that helps you monetize that traffic in a BIGGER way.

Front-end products are pawns.  When you promote front-end products as one of THOSE affiliates, YOU ARE A PAWN in someone else’s game.

Me?  I hate the idea of being a pawn.  I HATE IT – and hate is a strong word.

So what do you do?  You flip the situation in your favor.

The real intent is something MUCH bigger – for you.

The commission is important, but secondary.

The commission is a pawn taking you a step closer to capturing the king.

Think bigger my friends!  BIG-GER.

All the best to you – X

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