WARNING: An Unusual Disclaimer

logoI’ve often been accused of being an elitist, know-it-all. My own mother has often called me an asshole. People who don’t know me . . . often don’t like me.

But I’m the kind of guy you learn to love and here’s why –

I do my homework. What I teach works. I don’t open my mouth unless I’m 100% certain that what I have to say is 100% right.

My wife has learned what my mother has learned – don’t ask my opinion if you don’t want to hear the truth!

Affiliate Black Book will teach you how to build a lucrative online business by leveraging the assets of others so that you can focus on what matters – selling and marketing – without working ridiculous hours to achieve a meager return.

This program is different because A) it actually works, B) it’s not based on here-today-gone-tomorrow gimmicks and C) it teaches an aggressive methodology you won’t find anywhere else.

In the end you will have the REAL skills and mindset necessary to build a legitimate online business.

It Ain’t Snake Oil Festus!

duran-girlBut before you think I’m selling you a one-size-fits-push-button solution to your money-making dreams, let me cut to the chase.

This program is not for everyone. 

I already hear the whining and crying – “But this is work Mr. X.  I was hoping I could do nothing and money would magically appear in the mailbox.”

Hell no fool.

With my program you CAN make a quick buck, but it’s more important to teach you to become a master marketer using the exact system I have used, am using and have taught thousands of others to use.

If you’re a lazy do-nothing, looking for the latest done-for-you push-button shortcut this isn’t your deal cupcake – as if that fairy tale existed.

This is a sophisticated (though simple) system for smart people willing to sow the seeds of true success. This is a system that will reap rewards for you, for years to come, with minimal maintainence (read that as true, automated income).

But it’s not a magical sugar pill – if you want to be in the game – nevermind dominate it – that requires more than a half-assed effort and if you’re not willing to make that effort then move along.

Seriously, if you think you deserve “market domination” and a 6-figure income using push-button software and $1 spun articles then you deserve to get chumped.

No offense – let’s just be up-front honest in our big boy britches about it. 

That said, buckle up Dorothy – let’s take a ride.


Yo Willis, What Chu’ Talkin’ ‘Bout?

gary-colemanI’ll tell you what I’m talking about my, my friend –

I’m literally handing you a complete affiliate formula that has nothing to do with anything else you have ever read, spelling out the road map to 6-figures*, promoting products you don’t even own.

My “bombshell” formula is pretty much foolproof – which is to say almost anyone West of the fool line can make it happen. Affiliate Black Book takes you step-by-step through the whole process, guiding you every inch of the way until you copy my exact affiliate marketing business system.

The secret is the very reason that over 99% of affiliates lose money, chasing fools-gold shortcut after fools-gold shortcut, while a powerful minority make an absolute killing each and every day from affiliate marketing – the SMART WAY.



You Ain’t Gonna Dominate Anything Like That – This is How You Dominate

Because they don’t know any better, and because they don’t know how to do what I do, most affiliates are nothing more than traffic conduits.

That means they do the heavy lifting, assume all of the risk, produce the most difficult sales, and then give up all of the power to someone else.

*IF* you’re having success as an affiliate – and you probably aren’t – I can almost guarantee that for each $1 you’re earning, you could be earning $5-10 more.

There are 5 Levels of asset development and profit in most sales funnels. Most affiliates only see profits from “Level Two” – a few are building an asset on “Level One”.

In the Affiliate Black Book I’ll teach you how to build a BACKSTORY and show you the way to turn a $30 ebook sale into the potential of producing a sale in the thousands – all acting as an affiliate.

The Ultimate Online Marketing System

Right after I had my first $100,000 month I attended a conference as a featured speaker. Rich Schefren presented and pitched his Business Growth System as the answer to all my aspirations.

I forked over $5,000 for the privilege of learning all about his system – and that was the start of my own gradual descent into marketing hell.

I’m not dissing on Rich or his program – it’s worked for some, and it’s obviously worked for him.

But for me? I traded a system I could work from my own home with monthly income increases that averaged 10% and more PER MONTH for an office, full-time employees, management headaches, increased overhead, weight gain, higher blood pressure and inevitably depression.

I painted myself into a corner I’ll call HELL!

No more. I’m back at home – or the park, coffee shop, or wherever I LIKE to be. I employ no full-timers. I have a more efficient system and a team of freelance professionals.

You don’t need to take on bigger responsibility to achieve bigger results. You don’t need a bunch of business theory or recaps of business books. What you do need is a smart system – a smart plan – that allows you maximum leverage.

How the Right Traffic Gets Results –
and the Wrong Traffic Will Kill You

Traffic and conversion are the two-sides of IM and all products, or services, being pitched at you fall into one of these two categories – or maybe they promise both, as a system like here.

You need to orient yourself with traffic and conversion so you can begin to make some choices, to see how things fit together.

People seem to believe that traffic is the secret to success.


I’ve made almost no money from HUGE traffic – and I’ve made very good money from relatively little traffic.

Huge traffic is untargeted traffic, unless it comes to you from specific sources (which, in high likelihood are presently out of your reach so you don’t need to be concerned with them).

Highly targeted traffic converts highly – it’s most profitable and requires the least work. It’s efficient – focus on nothing else.

I could not care less about big numbers when it comes to traffic. The smaller the keyword lists involved the better, IMHO.

You need to understand that the nature of traffic varies. Not all traffic is created equal.

Why Free Traffic is for Fools

“Free traffic” is worth less than “paid traffic”, that’s why it’s “free” – except, it’s not. I have PROOF that 4 top 10 organic listings in Google are worth one-quarter what ONE paid listing is worth –

Go ahead, read that again if you need to – I didn’t stutter.

“Free traffic” takes longer to generate (and since time is money that’s VERY EXPENSIVE), and offers little to no control.

I laugh at everyone freaking out over Panda or Penguin or whatever. And yet people keep searching for that next traffic shortcut even though they get chumped over and over and over.

Bottom line: A) traffic is important, but you need the right traffic and B) conversion is where money is made.

To be successful you need to know what “the right” traffic is, how to get it, and how to convert it.

When you develop conversion skills you have skills that translate to any time, place or situation – online or off. You catchin’ my drift?


Traffic = Front-End
Conversion = Back-End

We’re still talking about the two sides of Internet marketing – but I’m showing it to you through a different frame.

Front-end products, or offers, exist for the purpose of bringing people in. They pay for, or monetize, traffic generation.

The front-end can certainly be profitable – meaning it brings in more money than it costs. But you’ll never make more than a modest living by focusing ONLY on front-end promotions.

I’m not impressed by the guy who claims $1.5 million in sales over a 5-year period on Amazon, while fetching only $70K in commissions. That sounds like a waste of ability. And what happens if Amazon cans their affiliate program where he lives?

You need to understand that acting as an affiliate means you are almost always promoting a front-end product.

Is that a bad thing? The way most affiliates do it – YES, or more accurately, it’s a short-sighted-shoot-yourself-in-the-foot thing – especially when there is a much, much better way.

And that way is to leverage other people’s front-end products to become traffic generators for you – in essence, make them YOUR front-end.

BIG CLUE: You don’t sniff real money, or consistent income without lists.

It is of no service to you to teach you to be a front-end traffic conduit. It’s a shortcut. It’s a short-lived approach vulnerable to wolves, like me, who will gut and eat you alive.

The way 98% of all affiliates operate, of which 90% of those make no money at all, means that you become a source of traffic for someone else, and that’s it.

If you’re making no money as an affiliate it’s for this simple reason – you think traffic is the answer when it’s not, unless you’ve got conversion right AND it’s the RIGHT traffic.

What’s more, or what’s worse, is most that choose the affiliate model do it looking for the shortest short-cuts.

“Yo Homie Dude, what’s the quickest way I can send traffic sum place and make some fast cash bro?”

That’s a huge mistake and it’s probably the question I’m asked most frequently.


A) Desperation almost never results in success – it puts off a subliminal stench everyone smells and runs from – people aren’t just “not buying” from you, they’re running away.

B) You have no control over the sales process and as an affiliate you must seize control, or be eaten by alphas – betas don’t win – they’re food.

C) You have no accumulating assets (ie, a list – or even an income producing site of your own).


Ready, Fire, Aim!

Michael Masterson wrote in Ready, Fire, Aim, that you – and not anyone else – should focus AT LEAST 80% of your time on selling and marketing until you reach $1 million in sales.

Now, it is my assumption that when he says “marketing”, because he hasn’t defined marketing like I do, what he means is the communication aspect – getting the word out and converting people into your business.

In my business model I rely heavily on affiliate marketing – that is, I sell other people’s products – so I can focus as much time as possible on selling and marketing WHILE bringing people into MY business.

For many, this REQUIRES removing blinders, setting aside existing paradigms and popular approaches and looking for ways to accomplish the same results in creative ways.



It’s true. I created a product and it’s for sale, right here. I’ve sold over $1,000,000 worth of my own products and services.

And yet, affiliate marketing is and has been my primary focus.


Go check out the Clickbank graveyard sometime. It’s full of products people created that nobody’s buying.

You don’t just create a product and VAVOOM! – big money baby!

Spending months creating a product that you don’t know how to sell.

Besides that why put forth all that time and effort, plus support, plus everything else that goes into product creation when you can easily find products EVERYWHERE that pay you 50% or more – and they’re doing the hard work for you.

I’m talking about leverage – taking the hard work of others and putting it to work FOR YOU.

Unless you have proven sales and marketing skills online you shouldn’t be worried about product creation – you SHOULD capitalize on the endless assets of others.

HOT: Inside Affiliate Black Book I’ll show you how to sell other people’s products from your own site – as if those products are YOUR’S!


Dictionary Definitions Can Make You Rich!


Because You Cannot Have What You Cannot Define











noun, plural strat·e·gies.

the science or art of combining and employing the means of war in planning and directing large military movements and operations.

a plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or resulta strategy for getting ahead in the world.

Affiliate Black Book will provide you with a proven system for making money as an online marketer.

A strategy consists of two key parts –

1. A plan

2. A goal

When you execute the right strategy you torpedo your competition,
leaving them stunned and clueless about what just hit them.  

And you get to hang out with wicked rad chicks like my friend here.
Be careful – she plays rough.


noun, verb

a scheme or method of acting, doing, proceeding, making, etc., developed in advance: battle plans.

a specific project or definite purpose: plans for the future.

The plan is to leverage other people’s products (O.P.P.) in a way that helps YOU build YOUR business.

Instead of being a traffic conduit, where others leverage off you, you leverage off the name recognizition of products in the marketplace to make other people’s front-end YOUR front-end.


the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

The goal is simple – to build a long-term business that grows consistently, month after month, requiring minimal input from you – or anyone else – once the systems are in place and tested.


any formulated, regular, or special method or plan of procedure: a system of marketing, creating value, and measuring; a winning business system.

A business is a collection of systems – a formula for producing a winning result.

With Affiliate Black Book you will have access to proven systems for selecting the right products in the right niches, building high value web sites that convert visitors into buyers, generating high-response, low-risk traffic, building lists you can mine for gold, and developing relationships that make you the go-to source for information.


the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be: prophetic vision; the vision of an entrepreneur.

When you have the right strategy and you execute that strategy with consistency, integrity and determination the end result is something extraordinary.

When you do something extraordinary you get to live a life that’s extraordinary.

My life is extraordinary – what are you going to make of yours?

If your happy where you’re at, good on you. If your not, what’s going to change? Something outside you? Or something within? You know the answer –

See the life you want and GET AFTER IT!


the act or process of getting it done.

Many of the great athletic teams of all-time are known for one thing – execution.

The legendary Green Bay Packers of the Vince Lombardi era were known to be predictable – other teams knew what they were going to do, but they couldn’t stop it.

It’s isn’t about complexity, trickery, or slick-bangery.

It’s about EXECUTION! You take what Affiliate Black Book gives you and you execute . . .

I cannot make any income claim promises but I sure want to.


Google’s Ghost Town is Pretty Damned Profitable

This Ain't Gonna WorkThis is so true that there are almost no affiliates left on Google Adwords . . . except the ones who figured it out.

People with good accounts are terrified of trying anything for fear of losing the account, even though it’s worthless sitting there.

What happened to the slothful servant who buried his single talent for fear of losing it?

Don’t listen to them, the clueless hoard – and don’t become one of them. It’s mass hysteria and nothing more.

Walk the path and fear not. Right is right.

Oh sure, they have their pathetic stories of failure – all based on doing things the wrong way and wanting to believe they got it right, someone else is wrong.

I generally work with an intermediate to advanced group of customers and they all swear they’re doing things “the right way” and yet when I see what they’re doing I cringe. It’s no surprise to me they’re having issues.

There is a right way to do things and it doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate with a tiny budget or a master-of-the-universe with a big budget, crap begets crappy results.

If cream rises to the top and you’re sitting on the bottom you’ve been dealt a clue – a change of direction is necessary.



The Blueprint

1. Find a unique product that pays a commission of at least $30. It’s best if this product IS NOT on a major affiliate network like Commission Junction or Clickbank.

I share my favorite sources for “hidden gold” products with my customers – and just one of these can pay the mortgage on a $300,000 home.

THIS is, to be honest, the hardest and most critical element. But I know an affiliate, a customer, who makes 6-figures per year selling ONE product (Hint: You won’t find it for sale on
Amazon, Clickbank or CJ).

2. Create a simple, but highly valuable website – meaning you DELIVER the highest quality information on the subject of your target product.

To be clear, I am NOT talking about creating a 100 page authority site. If you can’t deliver the goods in 5 pages (excluding site essentials like privacy policy, etc,) then you’re way too broad.

Give people the opportunity to join a list, or membership, so that YOU can improve conversions on the product AND start to build your own back-end.

Be a value adder, not a leach. There are some technical details (stupid-simple to accomplish) that make this a far more powerful, profitable, process – a simple process.

But this is the same fundamental process I’ve used, successfully, for ten years and it’s based on the model used by million dollar companies (that’s where I learned it). The model is timeless – the execution evolves with time.

3. Create a Google Adwords campaign that focuses on a very narrow set of keyword phrases.

(Lost your Adwords account? Included in the Affiliate Black Book is a guide to getting your account cleaned up, re-instated, and with everything you need to know to STAY OUT of future trouble. Google doesn’t hate affiliates – they hate people who do stupid, half-baked, shortcut crap. I’ve figured this out for you – it’s time to get back IN the game.)

In most cases if you’re promoting with more than 6-10 keyword phrases then you’ve ventured into low-conversion traffic territory that will lose you money.

I go for low-risk, high-response traffic. It’s efficient – and did I say it’s low-risk? If I’m not highly certain traffic will convert at least 3% or higher then I don’t invest in it. 5% is normal – and this isn’t B.S.. And because I’m giving searchers what they want – Google loves it.


Galls Law

Affiliate Black Book gives you a core system, a simple system, that works.

Affiliate Black Book membership (optional upgrade) builds on that simple system over time producing greater results.

It is a UNIVERSAL LAW that complex systems
evolve out of simple systems –

A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. The inverse proposition also appears to be true: A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be made to work. You have to start over, beginning with a working simple system. – Galls Law

Cheap is Cheap . . .

With so many sources of “free” and “pennies per click” traffic supposedly available, why do people pay real money for traffic from Adwords and MSN?

Hmm. Must because they like to blow money.


Don’t get swindled by yet another promise to deliver the holy grail of traffic. If you want results, and you want results FAST, then you pay for the right traffic.

Affiliate Black Book will teach you the RIGHT approach to paid traffic to keep the risk as low as possible while producing real results (while keeping your hiney out of hot water).

No joke here – if you’re not ready, willing and able to pay for traffic then no cigars for you because . . .

If You Wanna Be Player
You Gotta Be a Payer

Paying for traffic seems to intimidate the hell out of some people and I understand why.

First, nobody has ever taught you an authentic, low-risk way of doing it.

Second, the forums are full of people who did stupid crap, lost their accounts and instead of taking resposibility for the stupid crap they did they just whine and moan about Google.

The forums are full of people half-baked, undereducated schmucks looking for the quick buck . . . and they end up seduced into doing something, um, dumb.

Really – it’s not their fault – they don’t know any better.

Look, yo, X started with a monthly budget of $50. FIFTY dollars.

Of that $50 I spent about $35 each month. Wow!  Big money!  But when that $35 was consistently producing a $250 per month affiliate check I expanded.

We play the system – we create our own rules – we limit risk – we’re smart about what we do so when we lose, we never lose much. And when we win – we WIN!

Your choice – site on the sidelines with them or get in the game with me.


Here’s What You Get

A “Black Book” is a collection of tips, tricks, tactics and strategies.

latex-batwomanOver 14 years I have worked with thousands of affiliates, taught thousands more, implemented and sold millions of dollars worth of other people’s products, used affiliate marketing to build dozens of lists, many numbering in the tens of thousands, and ultimately used the knowledge and assets gained to then launch my own product lines.

I have taken the best of the best marketing practices and with unique innovations you won’t find anywhere else, applied those practices to affiliate marketing allowing anyone to do just about anything a product creator can do – without the hassle and headaches of creating, fulfilling and supporting products.

The premise and goal the Affiliate Black Book is to give you a simple, working system in the core Affiliate Black Book program – and then, if you choose to become a monthly member – to further build on that fundamental core by delivering the best information available month after month.
In the core program you will learn all of the following –

1. The fundamental mindset you won’t find in other affiliate marketing products. I teach you to act as an affiliate without acting LIKE an affiliate. This mindset shift is a mind-blowing, paradigm-altering, explosion of radical thinkingness that has been copied and emulated but never duplicated.

2. A unique, proven approach to discovering high-value products that convert easily. My friend, marketing legend Carl Galletti, says this is “Like shooting fish in a barrel”. My approach stresses “low-risk”.

3. I detail rarely seen site and landing page models that will help you transcend the stereotypical “thin affiliate” half-assed, lazy, good-for-nothing approach you’ve been taught over and over in hack products. The best news? The end result are sites that Google and visitors LOVE.

Imagine creating affiliate monetized websites you actually want to share with friends and family.

4. No black hat, short-lived schemes here. I will teach you how and where to get the best traffic, fastest while assuming as little risk as possible. This whole system can be started and maintained with relatively minimal costs and terrific ROI.

5. And finally, the point of all of this is to build the one asset that matters most to a marketer – lists. The entire point of being an affiliate is . . . not commission generation, which comes for sure . . . the entire point of affiliate marketing is to leverage other people’s products to GET PAID for building YOUR OWN lists.

The core program includes all of the above – everything you need to get up and running. With the right product selection and effort this model could generate anywhere from a few hundred per month to six-figures per year.

With the core program you also get access (live or recorded) to nearly 10 hours of webinar-based training.

Also with the core program you receive my secret weapon – Soda Popper. Soda Popper is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manipulate links in ways that make “the magic” happen.

You will also find additional training, mind maps, pdfs, checklists – really, there’s just way too much to list.

In fact there is so much that I’m 100% confident you’d feel this was a great value at $497.

But look – for the last seven years I’ve flown under the radar. Those “in-the-know” know me, love me, and buy my stuff without even reading the sales letter.

And now, I’m ready to reach out and welcome in a new crowd of hungry, smart marketers who truly want to discover the immense potential of affiliate marketing.

And that’s why I’m not pricing this $500 program at $497 – this introductory offer is now, for a limited time, only $127.  

NOTE: Because Clickbank requires 8 weeks of sales history before approving the full price of $197 you can practically STEAL the program for $127.  I GUARANTEE the price will be increased to $197 as soon as possible.



Now –

The best value for you is to become a member of the membership site which includes advanced training so I’m going to make this a very simple choice.

If you take option 1 then you get everything I just told you about for only $197 $127 which is a killer deal.

But Option 2 includes the membership component and here’s what that means –

Each month of your membership we build on the foundation of the core program with one monthly training session on traffic, and another monthly training session on conversion. These training sessions will feature the BEST information available, anywhere, on the subject being covered.



Essentially you’ll have free run of a $5000 training program, delivered over the next year, for a low “buy-in” fee plus a low monthly access fee.

It doesn’t require a vivid imagination to see that in one year you’re going to have a world-class Internet marketing education that you can use to write your own checks, like I do and like many of my customers.

Seriously, take one moment and just think about what it means to KNOW what’s included in this training program.

Because I know you see the obvious value here, I don’t need to do what I’m about to do. But I’m going to do it anyway –

When you choose Option 2 you’re making a bigger commitment in your future, and I’m going to match that commitment. I’m going to slash the cost of the Affiliate Black Book by $70 – you pay only $127.

PLUS, for a limited time, I am also going to cut the monthly membership fee in half too – from $97 per month to only $48.50! It’s like getting the first two months free and then paying only half-price for life.
Don’t delay, deliberate, or overcomplicate the clear choice.




LEGAL: It is unreasonable to assume you will experience the same explosive growth as many of my customers because every situation is unique.  Then again, it can and does happen.  

Wouldn’t you be risking more by failing to join me?



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