Nitch or neesh, don’t much matter to me.  What does matter is finding YOUR sweet spot in the fish tank.

I recommend you go with things you know, not things you hope to make a quick buck on.  ‘Cuz remember the grass is always greener on the other side.

But, there’s a whole big world out there and it’s here to have fun with so why not do some exploration while you can.

My advice is think about people first – who can you help?  Don’t build your business around products, but instead around helping people resolve their fears, anger, confusion and frustration.  And much of that can be boiled down to money, relationships and health issues which get everyone at some point.

In other words, pick a group of people to help – young men, older women, school teachers, chiropractors, dentists, doctors or whomever and THEN work on being the person that makes their life better, their job easier, their business more profitable – or whatever.

The shortest, straightest approach is this:

Who are you going to help?
And what are you going to help them do?

If you can answer those two questions, clearly and specifically, then all of the following research will ultimately mean something for you.

  • Google Groups
    When people really love to do something they group.
  • Yahoo Groups
    More groupies.
  • BlogCatalog
    Popular blogs from the blogosphere.  Product ideas, places to run ads, demographic research.
  • Technorati
    News told by the blogosphere.
  • Amazon Bestsellers
    If you can’t buy it on Amazon it must not be for sale (legally).
  • From 43 Things
    43 Things no longer exists but we have a great list of 100 things people want to do, to accomplish (golden).
    Magazines for niche ideas – but don’t stop there, go get those demographic profiles offered to advertisers.
    A comprehensive inventory of stuff people want to buy.

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