How to Create a Buy Now Button That Links Directly to a Clickbank Order Page

Step One:  Grab the “buy now” link

For this example I’ve randomly chosen a product from the Clickbank marketplace.  You can test this process yourself by visiting the site, if you like.  

Here’s the page I’m visiting:

This page is a good example because this product has a high gravity (meaning many affiliates are promoting and having success selling).  But it is also the type of page that you could not send Google Adwords, or likely even Facebook, traffic to because it is your standard long-form sales letter that is likely to be rejected or cause issues for you.

To obtain the “Buy Now” link simply scroll to the bottom of the sales page, and locate an order button.

When you mouseover the image, right-click and “Copy Link Address” (for PC users).

Here’s what I get . . .

This link contains tracking information setup by the vendor, so we’ll need to clean it up.  We want everything before the “?”.  That is we want this part only:

For the sake of understanding “cb1b” refers to the product.  This is important because Clickbank merchants can setup, up to 50 products per account and that tells Clickbank which product, price, affiliate commission, etc.

“Paleohack1” is the vendor.

The rest of the link is a standard Clickbank purchase link.  There should be nothing more, or less.

If you like, test your “cleaned up” link to ensure it goes to the order page.

It worked correctly for me.

Step Two:  Have your Clickbank affiliate link ready

You can create your link manually, or use Clickbank’s link creator which obfuscate your affiliate ID.

To use Clickbank’s link creator visit the marketplace, select your product and click the “Promote” button.

When you click the “Promote” button that will open a new window.  In that form enter your affiliate ID and tracking code (optional)

Here’s what Clickbank gives me:

This link obfuscates affiliate ID and the vendor ID.  

If you want to create a link manually, that’s easy.

That format is:

Or . . .

If you want tracking just ad ?tid= to the end of the link.

Test either link to ensure it works.

NOTE:  When you become comfortable with the process you won’t feel the need to test every link.  I am only showing this here to help you gain confidence in the process.


Step Three:  Create Your “Buy Now” link using Soda Popper

You only need three things to create this link.

1)  The order page link from the vendors “Buy Now” button.
2)  Your affiliate link
3)  Soda Popper!

Soda Popper “Create New Link” interface


The “Redirect Name” will appear in the link.  I’m calling this “paleo” so for my site that will give me

That is the link I will use for my “Buy Now” button.

The “Destination URL” is the link to the page I want to send people to – that is the order page on Clickbank.  So that is where I enter the Clickbank order link.

The “Link Cloak” is where I enter my affiliate ID.

I keep “Pop Mode” as “Safe”

And I enter a link description that will help me recall what this link exists for.

When I click “Create” Soda Popper will create the link and give me the link to use –  


Get Your Copy of Soda Popper Here

Step Four:  Insert “Buy Now” link on your landing page

This is just a matter of inserting your button or image on the desired page.

I use the Divi theme in WordPress which makes creating a button easy.

The button URL is the link I created in Soda Popper.  

Here’s a link to my example page:

Test button created above. Click to see it live.


Step Five:  Test

Now, test your “Buy Now” button.

When you click the link you should go directly to the correct order page.

But you also want to ensure your cookie has been placed.  Clickbank used to show your affiliate ID at the very bottom of the page, but now you’ll need to right-click and “View Page Source”.

That will bring up the source code of the page.

If you use the “Find” feature in your browser then you can search the code for your affiliate ID.  When I do I find this:

<div id=”clicksales”>
Copyright &copy; 2017 Click Sales Inc. <a href=”” target=”_new”>ClickBank</a> / 917 Lusk St / Suite 200 / Boise ID 83706.
<div id=”affiliatelabel”>[ affiliate = blackbook5.TESTTRACK ]


Success!  It works.

This may sound like a long, drawn out process but this is so easy that you can do it in about 2 minutes once you’ve gone through and you understand the process.  

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments below.



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