To increase your income, first you have to be honest with the current value you’re getting from your time. And then you have to trade low-value activity for higher-value activity.

You can’t earn $100,000 per year doing $10 per hour work.

To achieve your desired income level you first need to define it, exactly.

“I want to earn $100,000″ per year.”

The break that figure, whatever it may be for you, down to an hourly rate.  If you work 50 weeks per year, 8 hours per day, then your hourly rate is 100,000/2000 (50 weeks x 5 days per week x 8 hours per day).  That’s $50 per hour.  This means as soon as possible you need to stop doing work that pays less than $50 per hour.

One of the most fantastic things about affiliate marketing is that you leverage other people’s time and efforts indirectly – and because you’re using automated systems your 8-hour, 5-days per week work schedule (for example) becomes a 24×7 income machine.

When you invest your time and money into building automated systems they continue working for you, meaning the initial costs diminish with time while the value of the time increases.

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