I have to get something off my chest.

People create products and they fall in love with them. Regardless of love for product –

A) That does not mean that the product is good.
B) That does not mean the product is something the world wants.
C) And even if the product is great and the world wants it, nobody will buy it if the marketing isn’t excellent.

I will also add, as aside, that overproduction of product makes it a commodity and the overall value of everything then plummets.

Truth of the matter is this – people will buy crap products and products that don’t even exist.

Yes, we want to promote solutions that will help people.

Yes, good product matters especially when it comes to minimizing refunds and building a lasting, profitable business relationship.

But until the product is in the customer’s hands, who knows the difference?


Carl Galletti once relayed a story to me about a friend of his who sold a significant amount of a multi-unit audio program.

Unknown to this marketer, something went wrong in duplication and the first CD (or cassette) was blank.

Most people start a program by listening to the first audio, right?

Well only 20% of ALL buyers complained. That would mean the remaining 80% either didn’t make it to audio one or they couldn’t be troubled with reporting the problem.


The product, sadly maybe, really isn’t all that important. The marketing is.

We ate at McDonald’s this week. The hamburger doesn’t even taste like beef. The fries were cold and aside from the taste of salt, left a disgusting aftertaste in my mouth.

And yet, the place was full. We were there because “The Kids Play Palace” caught my eight-year old daughter’s eye and she wanted to go there on her birthday.

“Uh . . . sweetie . . . OK. I love you.”

Shameful marketing, but good marketing none-the-less, McDonalds marketing has ALWAYS been aimed at kids. Because no discerning adult would eat there!

Would they? Don’t answer that.

Maybe this post is a little cynical coming from a guy who’d never consider promoting “prey on the weak and poor” products like payday loans. In an ideal world, only promote good products. But realize that quality of product is nothing compared with quality of marketing.


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