Successful people make a distinction between being “effective” and “efficient”.

What this means is that you can efficiently get a lot of work done that doesn’t matter.  When it comes to making money online it’s about effectiveness – doing the right things which produce real results.

In the book “Ready, Fire, Aim” by Michael Masterson (he built a $300 million per year information marketing business name Agora Publishing) he flatly states you must spend at least 80% of your time on sales and marketing until you reach $1 million per year in sales.

Success comes down to the habits you establish, so establish this habit now – can you honestly say your spend 80% of your time actively selling and marketing?

Be careful what you’re tempted to believe is “selling and marketing”. These are activities . . . they are active. These activities put you in front of prospects. Not as a future hope – but right now.

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