You may be shocked by your page load speeds.  I was.

They matter because:

A)  Slow loading pages may cost you visitors, which cost you sales.
B)  Page load speed plays a role in search engine ranking.

You can test your page speed here:

My scores were not good.  I started with 42/100 on mobile and 54/100 on desktop.

I installed one free WordPress plugin and improved those scores to 66 and 73 – a great improvement that took less than 5 minutes.

You’ll find the plugin here:

All the best to you – John

PS – For a baseline comparison here are the scores a few well-known sites. scores 65/100 and 82/100 scores 49/100 and 90/100 scores 64/100 and 79/100
Ebay scores 57/100 and 87/100
Amazon scores 69/100 and 70/100

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