Eugene asked . . .

How do you generate, design or come up with an ad that will get people to click on it?  Not being a marketing savvy I have found it very hard to come up with attractive ad’s.

The quick answer is “I seek out and emulate inspiration.” If you’re talking about Facebook, take a look at AdEspresso.

Even if you go looking at proven ads it’s critical to know what you’re looking for – what makes them work?

This could be an entire course but let’s hit the Cliff Notes.

AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

You’ve probably heard that. But let’s put it in Facebook terms.

Visual Appeal (attention) – images, colors, that stand out. They should be relevant too. Notice what catches your own eye – and what doesn’t.

Relevant (Interesting) – Don’t try to sell people in an ad. Ads that are factual and deliver information relevant to what people are searching for or looking at perform better than attempts at hype. When you consider your IDEAL prospect what is the most interesting thing you could tell them about the subject? What’s the story?

Baby shoes, never worn

Desire – Desire is not created, or generated. Desire is an almost biological urge that’s irresistible. The easiest desire button to push is curiosity – the desire to know more.

Clear Call to Action – Always tell people what to do next. Use direct, commanding language. “Click this link, now, then enter your email address” vs “Visit this link if you’d like to know more.”

Examples –

When people are searching Google (Adwords), looking for a specific product I like to use an ad like this:

Ready to Order Holoysnc?
Stop! Do Not Buy Until After You Read
This Revealing Review.

Here are a few reasons an Adwords ad like this works.

  1. The question mark hits the attention/interest/desire button all at once
  2. The prospect is pre-qualified with “Ready to Order”
  3. Even if you know the ad is a gimmick you still wonder if you’re making the right decision.

Here’s a good Facebook example –

A realtor in California placed a local ad in early summer that read something like this:

Dive into summer with your new pool house. Here are 10 pool homes in City priced at $450,000 and under. And you have got to see this one amazing deal priced at only $325,000.

Here are a few reasons a Facebook ad like this works.

  1. It targeted the audience in a number of ways – locale, price range, season
  2. Most realtors just say “Get the latest new listings as they come on the market” – any realtor can do that, but the focus on one group (people who want pool homes) creates a custom feel.

Of course the realtor could find and show anything but being specific works. Same with the Adwords ad – I’m talking to people looking for a specific product – “Hey, that’s me!”

The ad then pushes the desire button by focusing on one home. If you’re the targeted prospect you really want to see what kind of home you can get for “only” $325,000.

This is a big question, Eugene, but this will get you started. Take these filters and go look at ads. Notice the ads that stand out to you, then see how many of these 4 boxes get ticked.

All the best to you – John

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