A few hundred per week would be great.

Maybe you have the best 100 subscribers in the world and that happens. But if they’re typically average then you may earn $10–25 per week from a list that size.

Here’s what I’d do . . .

First, be grateful for the fact you have an asset that can generate revenues.

Take those revenues and re-invest in gaining more traffic, targeted traffic. I use affiliate marketing as a means of monetizing targeted traffic. That means if I’m working with affiliate marketers then I run ads for people looking for SPECIFIC products related to affiliate marketing.

Assuming you have somewhere in the range of $40–200 per month to work with you do not run ads for “affiliate marketing” – you run ads for “Affiliate Black Book” or the like.

Why? Because anyone searching for a product by name (I’m referencing Google and Adwords here) is a warm-to-hot prospect. They are far more likely to buy than someone searching for “how to make money online”.

Since you only have $40 to spend you want high response, low-risk traffic. You want to get those people on your list (that’s the point – use affiliate marketing to monetize your list building effort) and then you want to re-invest your profits in more traffic.

Theoretically, you generate 100 clicks over the month at a cost of .40 per click, one of those people buys meaning an affiliate commission of $150, and 15 to 20 join your list. (In my experience, it’s likely 3–5% will buy but let’s go with the low-ball, worst-case-scenario.) Next month take that $150 + $40 and buy 500 clicks. Now you’re growing; rinse and repeat.

If you follow this plan you will grow from 100, to a 1000, to 10,000.

And be clear about this . . . list size is relatively irrelevant. 10,000 is just a number tossed out there to get you lathered up. I’ve seen lists of a few thousand dwarf the sales produced by a list of 500,000. You want a quality list, with the right people. I’ll take a list of 1000 people interested in a $300 program over a list of 500,000 interested in free inspirational quotes from the author of a .99 Kindle book every day.

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