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Welcome friend.

I wasn't born a marketing genius, and you probably weren't either.

The fact is, I pretty well stunk up the place for three years – then quit, had a few critical blanks filled and came back at it to find the kind of success a lesser man would brag about.  I'm now in year 11 – since hitting the reset button.

If you're struggling, looking for "the direction" then you need what I have to offer you today.  

It's a quick read with some of the most insightful information you'll find anywhere.  I cover the essentials of "what you need to know before you spend another buck" if you want to make a living online.

If you like fat, jam-packed, direct-to-the-point hard-hitting information you can use to make real money online then you want check out what I have to share with you in the pages of –   

"The Newbie Report: Critical Advice for Anyone Thinking About, or Struggling to Build, An Online Business"

To claim your report and MORE unadvertised goodness, just enter your email address below.  I will immediately have my good friend and tireless assistant – Aweber – send you the details.

Sincerely wishing you nothing but the best – X

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