I’ve spent a full week re-designing and re-writing the copy for the Affiliate Black Book site.

The good:  love the design and the copy is tight.

The bad:  Dude, your site takes FOREVER to load on mobile.

My buddy Jon Nastor checked it out on his mobile device and he concurred.  A 10-second page load-time doesn’t cut it.

He suggested I try a free WordPress plugin called “WP Smush”.  Basically WP Smush compresses image files, using their servers, without sacrificing image quality.

What happened?  Using http://tools.pingdom.com my load time was 8.5 seconds before installing WP Smush and after . . .

2.94 seconds!  Wow!

I haven’t tried the “Pro” version.  This isn’t a pitch for that – but page load speeds matter and this plugin has done the job.

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