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Attention: You will need to contact us at the help desk and give us your Affiliate Black Book membership username and password in order to activate your license code to get Blog Popper working. For your license code we use the email you are registered with on this site and your full name (we do this manually). Under normal circumstances this only needs to be done once and then you can use the license code under all of your Blog Popper installations.

By the way, when you are setting up your license in your Blog Popper installation there is a field for "license email" and "license code." I know it's a little confusing (not sure anymore why "license email" doesn't just say "email" instead) but while your license email can be the same as your license code, if you like, it can be a different email if you prefer (in spite of what the installation video says) The only thing that needs to be exactly specific is the "license code" The reason we use your registered email as the license code (instead of some long string of characters with dashes or something) is just for convenience.

Blog Popper is kind of a more advanced version of Soda Popper. You can do things like hide the referrering web sites from the merchant and fake the referrer so they won't know the real source of their traffic. Most people will only need Soda Popper but if your situation requires more stealth or anonymity Blog Popper could come in handy. I debated as to whether or not it would be a good idea to post this software and eventually (obviously) decided for it but need to make the following clear…

Although this is a Factor X Marketing product it is no longer supported and is provided "as-is" If you have a problem getting it to work you need to work it out yourself. Soda Popper is enough for most people's needs. If you chose to access this product it's because you are a geek who wants to play around with it for fun and/or needs to be more stealthy with your affiliate campaigns.

When it comes to setting up campaigns Blog Popper has worked fine for us and others but in the past there were some users who had issues dealing with some occasional quirks (such as the cookies not dropping until the page in a web browser was scrolled). Blog Popper has not been updated in a while and we're not sure how it'll behave with the latest browser versions of Firefox or Internet Explerer or any other. I have compiled a PDF file containing tips and previous discussions from original users in case it helps you get around some issues. You might even find creative ways to use it on your own but if you have functionality problems you'll have to play with it.

As far as installation I've never had a problem installing Blog Popper at my web host (Hostgator) but some people have trouble with their hosts. Blog Popper uses IonCube and your PHP version needs to be up to date just to name a couple things.

If it proves too daunting for you you will be better off with Soda Popper.

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