In Texas there’s a saying that goes like this –

“Big Hat, No Cattle”

When it comes to making money online this is like that.

I could not care less about big numbers when it comes to traffic. The smaller the keyword lists involved the better, IMHO.

You need to understand that the nature of traffic varies.  Not all traffic is created equal.

“Free traffic” is worth less than “paid traffic”, that’s why it’s “free” – except, it’s not. I have proof that 4 top 10 free listings in Google are worth one-quarter what ONE paid listing is worth – happy to share when I have more time.

“Free traffic” also takes longer to generate (and since time is money that’s VERY EXPENSIVE), and offers little to no control.

Call me cold but I laugh at everyone freaking out over Panda or Penguin or whatever. And yet people keep searching for that next traffic shortcut even though they get chumped over and over and over.

You’ve only got to kick me in the nuts once before I try a different route – I just don’t get people who stand and take it over and over.

Please, smarten up – there are options.

I know plenty of gurus who make money selling SEO and SEO services – I don’t know a single one whose primary income comes from SEO traffic.

Let me repeat that –

I don’t know a single one whose primary income comes from SEO traffic.

And yes, I’m sure there are exceptions – but they are exceptions, not rules.

The points here are A) traffic is important, but you need the right traffic and B) conversion is where money is made.

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