Better Than a Review Site

You know the old saying about selling pick axes to gold diggers or whatever that was . . .

Well, I hope you know the saying because at the moment I don't remember it.  Too much party time back in the day.

But anyway there is a lesson here and the lesson is all about the righteous and good and effective way to sell people the tools they need to do the job they want to do.

All this review site crap? Forget about it. Nobody believes that crap 99% of the time because it's bloody crap, you know.

There's a better way than reviewing and that's to give people a blueprint – the blueprint moves you from being a potentially biased "reviewer" to being someone teaching something of value that requires a purchase to execute.

It goes like this:

You write up an article, a how-to, even a free report if you feel so motivated.

Three Easy Steps Turn Your Blog Into a Traffic-Sucking, Coke-Snorting Whore

Whoah!  OK – you're right. That's a little over the top and testing our PG rating but you get the idea and I've got your attention.

Then, you do this – you deliver a "how to" blueprint. Heck, you could even push the envelope and sell this blueprint with a free way to do the job – something like "you could dig up this earth with your bare fingers like this, or you can progress much faster with this amazing new invention of the iron age we call a shovel. Feel free to use your fingers, or a stick – they'll work".

This doesn't need to be complex – it goes like this:

Step one: Do this
Step two: The manual way to do it – or use this plugin available here (gotcha – not a real link)
Step three: Do that

If it takes more than 3 steps, by all means elaborate – don't feel limited by my example.

This puts you on a completely different level of authority. You just demonstrated something and demonstrations sell stuff, at least that's what Billy Mays would have wanted you to believe and based on my experience we concur.


To go a little further, you can make a lot of money by using, mastering and innovating uses for a plugin/software/script that other people aren't talking about and have not realized.

This played prominently in my success both as an affiliate and as a product creator – I took a script that had been around (Affiliate Cloner), innovated new ways to use it and profited most handsomely.

In fact, I went on to develop my own script (Soda Popper) but here's the thing – Soda Popper does its job really well – it's simple, lightweight, does exactly what it's supposed to do.

But that's not why you should buy it from me – because there are other scripts already on the market with more bells and whistles, that do the same job. The reason why you buy Soda Popper from me is because nobody in the world has been more innovative with invisible popups, or "cookie stuffing" than I have.

It's like – do you want to buy a sword from a sword dealer who likes them as pretty objects or do you buy it from the ninja mo fo who's going to show you how to do the very scary with it in your hands? I guess it depends on whether the intention is to use it, or look at it on the wall.  (Did you catch that?  That's the value you have to offer and exactly how YOU should sell.)

And the point is . . .

You could attempt to sell a tool with a corny review, or you could show people how to start achieving what they want to achieve.

You tell me – which is going to sell better? Which is going to attract traffic better? Which is going to gain you a following?

Case closed. X

PS – You could throw me a bone by expressing your gratitude in the comments section below.  Muchas gracias!

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