I have no issue with naming names.  I've done it before and I will likely do it again.

I was a successful Internet marketer before I started attempting to teach Internet marketing.

I attended conferences, workshops, etc, like anyone else.

I took pictures with my favorite gurus and felt genuinely, deep-down ecstatic with every minute I spent absorbing and mingling.

Things changed, however, when I made my way to "the inside" of marketing to Internet marketers.

There were small things –

Like Ryan Deis (a customer) emailing me to say something I'd written in a sales letter had John Reese peeved.  

John wrote in his April 2006 Reese Report that it was "impossible to sell an ebook for $147 or $197".  

Since I sold an ebook in April 2006 for $197 I thought mentioning this in a sales letter, with all due respect to John, was a pretty significant thing.

John felt it made him look bad, and even denied he ever said that.  He did, and my intent was never to make someone I respected look bad.  Not at all.

There were sleazier things along the way too that made me question the company I keep.

Things like "hire someone to go into 1ShoppingCart and put an astric in front of your recurring membership customers email addresses".

Why?  So they don't receive the monthly email notifications that they're being billed.

There are cases like "the big money marketer" posting photos of the family vacation to the Islands while making claims of earning $100,000 per month who couldn't afford to pay me affiliate commissions owed.  Years later, still not even 1/3 paid and I doubt he'll ever pay.

Then there's the case of "Jim Reels" who sought to partner with my on "The MSN Adcenter Black Book".

I didn't know "Jim" but we talked and exchanged emails on the idea.  I wasn't thrilled with it because although I was familiar with MSN Adcenter I didn't feel I was an expert.

"Jim" decided to go ahead and pretend to be me, stealing large chunks of content, copy and testimonials, in order to sell copies of the non-existant product to who knows how many at $197 a pop.

Add to that the Chris X', Andrew X', and various other sleazeball characters along the way.

I could go on and on but the basic point here is –

I simply have not been commited to being a teacher.  I've loved it and I've hated it.

Sharing information and hearing from people who've had their life radically transform as a result is among the things I am most proud of accomplishing in my life.  

Sharing information with people who seek to rip me off, or rip off my customers . . . that's disheartening.  I know it's a part of the game but it's a part of the game I can walk away from.

Another aspect that has bothered me greatly is to hear from people in this niche who've maxed out credit cards, cashed out IRA's, and even taken out second mortgages to continue buying products and services.

I would never share his name but I recently spoke with a customer who confided he's spent over $350,000 on IM products and probably only made a couple thousand in return.

No!  No, no, no!  I cannot even begin to tell you how sad it makes me to hear something like this.

I have never been comfortable keeping a balance on a credit card and it seriously bothers me to think of people accruing debt to buy from me, or anyone else.  I don't want to be a part of that – even if it isn't my problem AND I am authentically seeking to help.

This simply disturbs me.

Over the years the bad has outweighed the good, in my mind.  Of course, it only takes one bad to seemingly erase the 10 good.  

And that's where I have failed many of you.

I have wanted to walk away but I can't – something within hasn't allowed it.

I have asked people to follow my methods – and then disappeared on you time after time not recognizing the role I could play.  I don't want to be pretentious in saying that many of you have needed me, and I have simply failed to recognize that.

So . . .

Last summer I wrote a report that I believe has some very important, valuable information.  

I don't know why I haven't made the effort to sell it but that doesn't matter.

It's time you have this information and I share it with you FREELY with the hope it inspires you in a direction that enables your success as an online marketer.

I welcome your feedback and any questions you might have.  And yes, you may share this with others if you like – 

Sincerely, I wish you the best – X


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