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“This System is Genius”

John R Barker

John R Barker

Author of The Adwords Black Book, The Affiliate Black Book, Fast Path to Cash

“The rich” don’t work for money; they work for assets that make money for them.  They’re making money even when they don’t work.  And they’re making that money because they’ve effectively learned the power of leverage.

“Checks in the mail for work already done” – that’s the my motto and the guiding principle behind this training.  It’s time for you to join me and learn how to create your own automated income streams.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model that involves selling other people’s products and services for a percentage of any sales transaction that occurs.

Let’s say your friend Bob has a plumbing service.  If your friend Nancy needs a plumber, and she hires Bob as a result of your referral, then Bob might pay you 15% of the total bill. If the bill was $200, Bob would pay you $30.

Essentially, that’s how affiliate marketing works.  You connect people with a need to people who have a solution for a percentage of the transaction.


How Do I Get Paid?

When you sign up to become an affiliate for a product or service you’ll be given a special tracking link.  When this link is clicked it does a couple of things.

When it comes to getting paid the important thing to know is the link, when clicked, places a cookie on the users machine that contains information – usually a number – that identifies you as the person who referred the sale.

When a purchase is made that information is read and you should be credited with the sale.   Some commissions are paid immediately, but most are paid 30 days or later via check, direct deposit or to your Paypal account (usually you have a choice).


How Much Money Will I Make?

Affiliate marketing pays when results are produced; it does not pay if you don’t produce a result.  It requires work and it requires that you develop skills – it’s like any commissioned sales job.

If you’re really good at it you could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.  If you’re not, then you may earn little to nothing.  This is not a push-button get-rich-quick scheme.

In 17-years of affiliate marketing, and working with thousands of affiliates, I have seen the approaches that work and the approaches that do not.  And frankly, what most affiliate marketing programs teach you will never earn a dime for you.

Affiliate marketing is something almost anyone can learn and do successfully, even part-time.  However there are no short-cuts.  The good news is that I teach an approach that has the potential to generate monthly income – I call it “Checks in the mail for work already done.”  You do quality work today and then it keeps paying you for as long as there is demand for the product or service.



Affiliate Marketing vs Product Creation

Sooner or later you’ll come across this debate:  should I create my own products or should be an affiliate?

Every business is made up of systems.  The more systems there are and the more complex those systems are, the more skill and resources will be required for success.  When you create and sell your own products more skill and resources are required – it’s as simple as that.

The fundamental skills you must have to be successful are selling and marketing.  It’s much easier to market and sell products with existing demand.  That realization was the big turning point when I was struggling to get going – I had created 6 products that didn’t sell 100 copies TOTAL.  When I stopped trying to be the guru and started promoting the products people already wanted to buy, I started to earn money.



Why 95% Make No Money

Here’s a fact: 5% of the affiliates take home 95% of the commissions.  

And believe me it’s not because some of these guys are geniuses – they’re not.  But they do understand the game.  They treat affiliate marketing like a business, not a hobby.  They do their work.

They’re also not chasing amateur traffic sources like blogging, social media posting, and article marketing.

That’s not to say there aren’t people out there working their butts off and making a few bucks.  A few are, but most aren’t.  

Your time isn’t free so don’t pour it into anything you wouldn’t pay someone else to do for you.


Pareto Approved

Highly targeted traffic converts highly – it’s most profitable and requires the least work. It’s efficient – focus on nothing else.

I could not care less about big numbers when it comes to traffic. The smaller the keyword lists involved the better.  The more spot-on targeted the traffic the lower the risks.

You need to understand that the nature of traffic varies. Not all traffic is created equal.

Traffic is important, but you need the right traffic because the right traffic already WANTS to buy.

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