First, let’s cover the basics of the most critical part of getting paid as an affiliate:

Affiliate Links

Soda PopperAffiliate links do two fundamental things:

First, they track traffic source which is important if you want to get paid. Either by placing a cookie on the “clickers” computer / device, and/or through IP address tracking we *hope* to get properly tracked and credited for the sales we produce.

Now, let’s be honest and realistic. In this age of multiple devices it’s likely that as many as 30% of all sales you’ve referred are NOT tracked to you.

So we’re going to do everything we can to ensure more sales are properly tracked.

Second, an affiliate link defines the landing page where your traffic is sent. With most affiliate tracking links you have no control.

That’s a problem.  You want to send traffic to the page most likely to convert. And I have a whole bag of tricks on that subject.

There are at least a dozen ways to use Soda Popper but here are the biggies.

1. Use with all inbound links

Soda Popper Link WeaponizerOrganic: If you decide to use article marketing or other forms of content marketing then once you put your work out there it’s not likely you’re ever going to be able to change a link.

So always use Soda Popper to create links because you maintain total control over the destination (and affiliate tracking). In 10 seconds you can make one change that redirects thousands of links.

Paid: When you setup an ad you know that ANY change to the ad on the ad platform means your ad has to be re-approved and your stats are reset. That’s a pain. So you should always use Soda Popper to create your ad links.

And that leads us to placing a cookie at the point that makes the most sense for you.

Using Soda Popper you control the destination, and you control when your cookie is placed.


2. If you want to be aggressive you can have your affiliate cookie placed when someone clicks on your ad.

This works just like “direct linking” used to work, except you can send that traffic to your own site.

target3. Instead of sending people to someone else’s squeeze page, send them to your own.

Build your own list. If you want to run a little more conservatively use Soda Popper to create the link for your “thank you” page after the optin. The thank you page “could be” what people would see after opting in on the merchant’s site. 😉

4. Create your own sales pages and funnels.

I use this technique widely. You can create a sales page on your site, with a “Buy Now” button and link directly to the merchant’s shopping cart.  Your prospect is never on the merchant site until after they buy. Your affiliate cookie is set when the “Buy Now” button is clicked.

5. Place multiple cookies.

GrowthIt’s common practice in many niches for people to sell a front-end product on JVZoo or Clickbank, and then sell back-end, big ticket items through another system like Infusionsoft.

You get 50-75%, maybe, of the $50 product and nothing for $1000 sale. Don’t you agree that’s bogus?

Soda Popper allows you to place two cookies – one for each tracking program.

Words From the Wise

Now, I want to be clear that I don’t consider this “cookie stuffing” because I am legitimately selling a program. As well, a link is being clicked – we’re just doing a little re-routing.

Like I said, you can do nasty things and I don’t recommend that. I really don’t. But you can work my system to make this a win for you, a win for the customer and a win for the merchant.

All the best to you – John


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