Seinfeld (season 1)

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“Obviously used, look at the cleat marks.  Only $3000.00”

You know that Elaine worked as a copy writer for J Peterman on Seinfeld.  But you may not know that J Peterman is a real business, with some of the best copy around.

Amazing to me, and maybe to you too, they’ve been selling high-priced clothing items for years without even offering photos of the merchandise (this *just* changed but you’ll see many of their products still sold with rough sketch drawings).

Here’s a link to some classic J Peterman copy and here’s an interesting article on Sports Illustrated.

Notice the simple use of story, for the purposes of nostalgia.   Notice how the story likely relates to a specific demographic.  And notice how effective this is in the selling of a product that doesn’t even come with a photo.  Plus, no hype.

To me, this is great copy.  It sells something that transcends a piece of clothing – although it’s selling a new, contemporary item J Peterman has obviously recognized and mastered the selling of something we all long for – to re-experience our youth again.

This came up in our weekly Affiliate Black Book membership mastermind today.  I’ve been using this J Peterman style tone in the copy of one of my sites and I’ve found it to be very effective.

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