As an affiliate you need to consistently look for ways to gain leverage. Because as an affiliate, playing the game as the game has been defined by merchants, you have no power – you have no leverage.
Merchants generally know that you have no power unless you show them otherwise.
I recently helped a customer get $16,500 in owed commissions because he had leverage he didn’t realize he had – I only pointed out to him what was obvious to me.
What was that?

The specifics don’t matter – but the mindset does. If you enter the negotiation thinking / feeling the other party holds all the cards, you’re right – they do.

Expect to Get What You Want

If, on the other hand you enter KNOWING that you’re going to get what you want then the game plays out differently.
My Black Books are about A) helping you make money and B) taking the power to build your business while helping others.
As an affiliate you have great power – greater than I think you recognize but not if you play the affiliate game the way it’s been defined. When you have the power to sell things – then you have leverage. When you have made the effort to build a list in the process of promoting products, then you have leverage.

There Is Only One Way to Deal With a Bully

As a kid, I got bullied a lot. I was quiet, polite, mild-mannered. I could take a punch and smile. [Did you know people who’ve dealt with a lot of rejection in life have a higher pain-threshold?  That’s a scientific fact.  Then again they’re also more likely to become serial killers.]
What did that get me? Punched more often.
One day something snapped in my head.  I recognized what cowardly f-wads most of these kids were. I recognized that the only people in life who really WANT to fight are a little whacked to begin with and should be avoided.
I started calling bluffs. And consistently these kids backed down.
And finally everything stopped and nobody messed with X, because I was a little psycho (or so they came to believe).
This trick is purely a mental thing – trust me, I’m no Brock Lesner.
The illusion of power is just that – an illusion.  Fear isn’t real (though sometimes it should be paid attention to). Fear is a feeling and feelings are not real. Accept and master this concept and you can do what you want with your life.
It’s all about the mindset.

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